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Yonata Feldman (3.5 linear feet, 1937-1980),
juvenile case worker, SCSSW faculty
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Martha Lavell (.25 linear feet, 1926-1981),
psychiatric social worker
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Elmina R. Lucke (4.5 linear feet, 1897-1987),
YWCA, social work educator
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Ruth Mellor (1 linear foot, 1927-1970),
juvenile psychiatric social worker and educator
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Lydia Rapoport (1 linear foot, 1963-1968),
social work educator
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Gladys Swackhamer (2 linear feet, 1844-1988),
research and writing
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Ruth Dietrich Tuttle (.75 linear feet, 1907-1927),
missionary and hospital social worker
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Helen Leland Witmer (1 linear foot, 1928-1958),
Director of Research, SCSSW, 1929-49;
   Director of Research, U.S. Children's Bureau, 1951-67
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School for Social Work, n.d.

caption - SSW, n.d.


UNPROCESSED (may be closed or partially restricted):

Louise S. Bandler (20 linear ft., 1929-1991) - Closed
Dorothy Brier (.25 linear ft., 1965-1991)
Katherine Gabel (16.25 linear ft., 1950-1985) - Closed
Precious Jewel Graham (.25 linear ft., 2005- )
Ann Hartman (14 linear ft., 1928-1994) - Closed
Pessa Kandinoff (.25 linear ft., 1970-1998)   View finding aid
Joan Laird (2 linear ft., 1970-1998)   View finding aid
Jean Leach (.25 linear ft., 1963-1983)    View finding aid
Therese W. Lansburgh (2.25 linear feet, 1964-1977)   View finding aid
Monica McGoldrick (3.75 linear ft., 1980s-1990s)
Beatrice S. Reiner (1 linear ft., 1947-1984)
Francesca Rheannon (.75 linear ft., 2001-2006)
Elizabeth Healy Ross (12.5 linear ft., 1930s-2000) - Closed
Jean Sanville (10 linear ft., 1951-1996) - Closed
Nancy Staver (1 linear ft., 1941-1989)
Charlotte Whitton (.5 linear ft., 1942-1961)   View finding aid

THE SOCIAL WORK ARCHIVES ORAL HISTORY COLLECTION consists of interviews with influential practitioners and teachers in the field of clinical social work. For a complete list of narrators, see Finding Aid

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