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Young Science Library will close at 5:00 pm on December 22, 2016

As part of the transition for the New Neilson Library project, Young Science Library will be closed for the duration of the spring 2017 semester. The collection will be in storage. See this page for ways to access items from the collections.

The Collection

The principal focus of the Science Library's collection, the largest among college science libraries, is the support of the curriculum in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Science and Policy, Exercise and Sport Studies, Geosciences, History of Science, Marine Science, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, and Psychology. The Library currently houses over 183,000 volumes, 22,900 microforms, 481 print and 1,722 electronic journals, 158,799 maps, and makes available numerous electronic resources including access to the Internet.

Access to the Collection

Access to the Science Library's book, report and periodical holdings is provided by the Five College Library Catalog.

The Science Library's most recent acquisitions (monographic purchases and new gifts) are shelved in the New Books display on the first floor of the Science Library for three weeks.

Electronic Resources

The Young Science Library provides a large array of electronic resources including access to the Internet. The Internet and most of the Science Library's core bibliographic and full text computer databases that cover disciplines across the sciences can be accessed from 21 Science Library workstations.

A PC/CD-ROM workstation and multimedia player on the first floor provide access to additional bibliographic databases and to several multi-media resources.

Assistance in using the Smith Libraries electronic resources may be requested during regular reference hours. For tutorials, please make an appointment at the Information Desk.

Librarian-mediated searching of the Dialog and STN electronic information systems, which offer additional computer database options, is available by appointment.


The Young Science Library subscribes to over 700 scientific journals. Periodical issues for the current year are displayed alphabetically by title in the Current Periodicals Section on the first floor. Bound journals are shelved in the basement by Library of Congress Classification number. The Five College Library System provides journal holdings and location information. The Science Library also makes available a growing list of electronic journals. To access the Library's electronic journals, use the Journal Locator.

Map Collection

The Young Science Library houses over 154,600 U. S. Geological Survey, U. S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency, and Canadian Geologic Survey topographical and geologic sheet maps. The collection also includes gazetteers, atlases, manuscript, and wall maps. Most of this collection is located on the Library's lower floor; a large number of maps are also in storage. Assistance in identifying and locating maps is available at the Information Desk. Visit the Science Library's Class of 1935 Map Room for additional information. Also see the Libraries list of Online Map Resources.


Some science journals and research sets are received in microform and are filed in the Microform Room on the first floor. A Minolta reader/printer is available for reading or making paper copies of this material from either microfilm or microfiche. There is no charge for copying science materials.

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