Art & Architecture

Online Reference Sources

General dictionaries of art and architecture, special dictionaries and guides to design, 20th-century art, western art published by Oxford University Press.

Fine arts auction prices & indices, with detailed auction sales results.

Includes Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, Berg fashion e-books, color images from noted costume collections, and fashion reference material.


Contains clothing patterns used by home-sewers. Please request the username/password at the Neilson reference desk or in Hillyer.

1850 to present

A comprehensive didactic bibliography in English and French on Early Modern Italy (1550-1800). Covers history, art history, music, literature, philosophy, religion and science. September 2002 edition.

Reference content & commentary by renowned scholars, plus Qur'anic materials, primary sources, images, maps & timelines. Includes Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World and other core reference works on Islam.


Covers every aspect of the visual arts from prehistory to the present including art movements, media & materials, themes & subjects, specific places & monuments, and 21,000 individual artists with bibliographies and image links.

Covers all aspects of American art and architecture from Native American art to Colonial art to contemporary American art.

Covers more than 4,000 years of art in "every art form, medium and civilization from Cycladic, Minoan, Helladic, and Etruscan art to the fall of the Roman Empire [including] art historical and cultural information about art forms, artists, rulers, philosophers, architecture, renowned works of art, archaeological sites and stylistic developments."

Covers thousands of years of decorative arts production throughout western and non-western cultures including entries on artists, craftsmen, designers, workshops, decorative art forms, and the qualities and historical uses of materials, and lengthy articles about the history of armor, jewelry, furniture, textiles, and ceramics.

Covers "all aspects of materials, techniques, conservation, and restoration in both traditional and nontraditional media, including ceramics, sculpture, metalwork, painting, works on paper, textiles, video, digital art, and more."

Biographical Sources


Biographies from dictionaries, encyclopedias, and magazines. (Formerly Biography Resource Center.)

Searchable biographies from Who's Who in America, Who was Who in America, and the regional and subject Who's Who titles.