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PsycTests [EBSCO]  - 1910 to present
Over 4,000 full-text psychological tests or test items, plus profiles of additional tests and measures.

Tests and measures can be identified and researched in a variety of additional sources. Obtaining the test itself often involves purchase from the publisher. In some cases, copies can be borrowed via Interlibrary Loan.

Use these titles to find descriptions, critiques, and purchase information on specific tests. To some extent, they can also help you identify tests on a specific topic.

Reference Source Reference Call Number
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print [EBSCO]
A comprehensive guide to over 2,000 contemporary tests in social work, psychology, education, and business. Includes test information, pricing and reviews, not the actual tests.
HAPI: Health & Psycho-Social Instruments. 1985 to present
Contains information on English-language instruments in the fields of health, psychosocial sciences, organizational behavior, and human resources. Many of the scales listed in this database have been published in books or journals and thus are easy to obtain.
Pull down the menu of "Search Fields" to choose the specific fields described here to find articles...
about a specific test: Search the name of the test in the key concepts or title fields (KW, TI).

which reproduce a measure:

Search the name of the test in the abstract (AB) or key concept (KW) fields.
about measures on a given subject: Search the subject area in the subject field (SU) and relevant terms in the abstracts (AB) or subject (SU) fields to describe tests (e.g., measure, test, scale, battery, inventory, survey, assessment, attitude, questionnaire)
Test Critiques. 11 volumes, 1984-2005.
Use the indexes (of test titles and subjects) in the back of volume 11 to locate critiques in this set.
Ref BF 176 T418
Additional reference sources include these titles: Neilson Reference (unless otherwise noted)
Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment ref BF 176 C654 2004
Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment ref BF 176 E53 2003
Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques ref HQ 728 T68 2001
Handbook of Multicultural Measures ref HM 1271 .G36 2011
Handbook of Psychological Assessment ref BF 176 .G76 2003
Handbook of Psychological Testing ref BF 176 .K575 2000
Handbook of Psychiatric Measures
   [Includes CD-ROM on Reserve in Science.]
RC 473.P78 A46 2000
Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures ref HQ 60 .H36 2011
Handbook of Tests & Measurements for Black Populations. 2 volumes. ref BF 176 .H37 1996
Measures for Clinical Practice ref BF 176 .C66 1994
Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, & Business ref BF 176 .T43 2003

Ask at the reference desk for guidance once you have identified the measure(s) you want to use.


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APA: Testing and Assessment
Includes Finding Information About Psychological Tests (FAQ)
Buros Institute of Mental Measurements
includes searchable "test reviews online".
Test Collection at ETS
Western Psychological Services (WPS)
Browse catalog. WPS publishes tests and related books and software

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