Fines & Bills

Regular Loans

  •  An overdue notice is sent to the borrower when an item is one day overdue - see Notices & Bills below.
  •  A second overdue notice is sent one week later if the item has not been renewed or returned.
  •  If an item is not returned or renewed within 28 days of its due date, the borrower is billed for the cost of the item, a $15 processing fee, and a $10 non-refundable billing fee. The average bill is $85 per item.
  •  If the billed item is returned or renewed, charges are cleared except for the $10 billing fee.

Recalled Items

  • Items recalled by another patron must be returned by the date specified on the recall notice, not by the original due date.
  • The fine for items not returned by the recall return date is $2 a day per item.

Reserve Items

  • Consult Course Reserves for loan policies for Reserves.
  • The fine for overdue reserve items is $2 per hour, or partial hour, for each item.
  • If a reserve item is not returned within 24 hours after it is due, the patron is billed for the cost of the item, a $30 overdue fine, and a $10 billing fee.
  • Smith students who repeatedly return reserve materials late may be reported to the Honor Board.

Notices & Bills

  • Overdue notices are usually sent by email. Bills are sent on paper through campus or U.S. mail.
  • Patrons must notify the libraries of changes in email, campus, or U.S. mail addresses - see Updating Your Borrower Account.

Damaged Items

  • When an item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the library will evaluate the condition and bill the patron to cover repair (whenever possible) or replacement of the item.

Staff Contacts for Questions about Fines & Bills

Library Location Name Phone
Josten Performing Arts Library Janet Spongberg (413) 585-2932
Hillyer Art Library Lisa DeCarolis (413) 585-2942
Neilson Library Maria Rao (413) 585-4160