Disaster Plan

The Emergency Procedures Working Group (EPWG) will update the Disaster Plan on an annual basis and will distribute updated information to all staff who have a copy of the Plan. It is the owner's responsibility to insert these updates as soon as they are received so that each copy remains current.

I.    Introduction

II.  Advance Warning Procedures in Case of a Major Storm

III. Fire/Evacuation Policy

IV.  First Response

A. Immediate Steps To Be Taken (by the person who discovers the emergency)

B. Response to a Disaster Call

C. What to Expect at a Disaster Site

D. Subsequent Steps for Disaster Supervisors

E. First Response Team Checklist

V.   Recovery

A. Organizing Staff

1. Disaster Team Members and Duties

2. Tips for Team Leaders

3. Tips for Team Members

B. Preparing for Recovery

1. Recovery Checklist

2. Disaster Recovery Flow Chart

3. "Salvage at a Glance" Chart
    page one
    page two

4. "Salvage of Water-Soaked Photographic Collections" Chart

C. Options for Drying Wet Materials

D. In-House Treatment

E. Packing Materials for Outside Treatment

VI.  Post-Disaster Rehabilitation

VII. Appendices

A. Staff Lists

B. Emergency Contacts

C. Locations and Contents of Mobile Emergency Supply Kits (MESSKits)

D. Neilson Library Floor Plans

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level A
Level B

E. Building Inspection Information

F. Incident Report

G. Command Post Site

H. Collection Salvage Priorities

I. Review Schedule for Disaster Plan, MessKits and Red Emergency Phones

J. Library Staff Training in Disaster Response

K. Locations of Library Keys

L. Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Emergency Assistance Program

M. Library Subject Liaisons