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New York Amsterdam News Historical [Proquest]

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A leading African American newspaper of the 20th century. Trial ends 6/30/16.

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Wed, 2016-05-11 (All day)

Archives of Human Sexuality: LGBTQ History & Culture Since 1940 (Part I)


Primary source collection on social, political, health & legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities internationally: covers the gay rights movement, activism, the HIV/AIDS crisis, etc.

Colonial America [AM Digital]


A five-part collection, to be released over five years, of all CO 5 class files at t The National Archives, UK. Consists of the original correspondence between the Board of Trade and Secretaries of State and the English, later British, colonies in North America and the Caribbean. NOTE: PDF download options are not available during trials.Trial ends 5/13/16.

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Mon, 2016-04-25 (All day)

Electronic Enlightenment


Wide-ranging collection of edited correspondence, early 17th - mid-19th century, covering Europe, the Americas & Asia. Trials ends 5/17/16.

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Mon, 2016-04-25 (All day)

Church Missionary Society Periodicals (Modules I & II) [AM Digital]


Publications from the Church Missionary Society (CMS), the South American Missionary Society & the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society (CEZMS), 1804-2009. NOTE: PDF download options are not available during trial. Trial ends 5/6/16.

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Tue, 2016-04-12 (All day)

Accessible Archives


Contains 19th century American newspapers (including African American), US county histories, and notable magazines (Godey's Ladies Book, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, etc.)

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Wed, 2016-02-17 (All day)

Japan Times Digital Archive

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Searchable, full-image archive of Japan's largest English-language newspaper.

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Mon, 2016-01-25 (All day)

Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals


Series 1: New Readerships: Women's, Children's, Humor and Leisure/Sports"; Series 2: Empire: Colonial, Travel, Culture, Missions.

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Tue, 2015-08-18 (All day)
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