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Theatre in Video II [Alexander Street]

Classic & contemporary plays & documentaries; greater focus on contemporary & international productions than Theater in Video I. Trials ends 4/10/16.

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Wed, 2016-02-17 (All day)

Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, 2nd. ed.
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Fri, 2015-06-12 (All day)


Full-text books & journals digitized by HathiTrust partner libraries, Google, the Internet Archive, etc. Includes searchable access to over 10 million volumes total; 3.5 million public domain volumes are fully viewable online. Since Smith College is a member institution, Smith students, faculty and staff may download entire full texts as PDFs. Complements Google Books.

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Mon, 2015-03-02 (All day)

Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd ed. [Oxford]

Filmakers Library Online

Award-winning documentaries on race & gender studies, human rights, globalization, multiculturalism, international relations, criminal justice, the environment, bioethics, health, politics, history, psychology, education, arts, literature, etc.

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Tue, 2013-11-12 (All day)
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