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I visited Smith on a stormy, rainy day and loved it. I thought if I love this place today, then I know it’s going to be awesome. 

The music department is a very inclusive and close-knit community. The professors treat us as colleagues. Knowing my violin talents as well as my personal quirks, they give me pieces that are tailored to me both as a person and as a musician. I am part of a clarinet quintet and vice president of the Smith College Orchestra. This year I helped organize the first annual Smith ArtsFest. Whatever the performers needed, I had to find it. I had to be practical, resourceful and keep a cool head. I drew from the skills I learned over the summer as an intern—through Smith’s Praxis internship program—at a classical music club, le poisson rouge, in Greenwich Village. I was a jack-of-all- trades. This summer, I’m going a totally different route with an internship at J.P. Morgan in New York City.

With the skills I acquired at Smith, I have the ability to explore many different career options. It’s an exciting place to be, and I feel invincible. 


Responding to the Financial Environment

By responding quickly and thoughtfully to the recent economic downturn, Smith has been able to weather these difficult times better than many of its peer institutions. In this special video message, President Carol Christ discusses some of the details of the plan Smith put into place to stabilize its budget and ensure that students continue to receive a world-class education.


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A Smith First: The New Game of Basketball

Experience the exhilaration of students as they play the new game of bastketball and participate in the first women's collegiate basketball championship — between Smith sophomores and freshman — more than a century ago.

1933 Smith Film

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New Arrivals: Student Views on Smith

Two new Smith students, Helen Queenan '14 and  Ada Comstock Scholar Kelly Rowland, discuss their first week at Smith. Fall 2010

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Designing a New Solar Energy System at a Closing Landfill Site

Smith engineering seniors Lindsay Holle and Darcy Dwyer devoted two semesters and the professional equivalent of some 1,000 hours for the research, analysis and design of a feasible renewable energy system to generate electricity at the city of Northampton’s landfill site after it closes in 2013.

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Mountain Day With Lamont House

For residents of Lamont House, the tradition of Mountain Day is amplified by an annual group trip to Quonquont Farm, a fruit farm in nearby Whately, where delicious red and golden apples are ripe for picking.


Women's Education Worldwide (WEW)

From May 31 to June 2, 2011, Smith and Mount Holyoke colleges hosted the inaugural Women's Education Worldwide (WEW) conference for faculty. Representatives of nearly 60 women's colleges around the globe came together to discuss the current state of women's education internationally and to explore new, innovative ways to enable faculty to collaborate remotely once they returned to their home countries.

WEW was founded by Smith and Mount Holyoke as a way to share best practices, to collect and disseminate data about women's colleges, to foster exchange among member institutions, and to advocate for the advancement of women's education internationally. WEW's first conference was held in 2004 and they've been meeting biannually since then.