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About the Office

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is committed to shaping a strong community among students of color while promoting an understanding of cultural diversity for the Smith community as a whole. The director coordinates activities that encourage exploration of one's identity, culture and heritage and an understanding of those of others. The office emphasizes the interests and needs of those who identify as students of color, beginning with the first-year preorientation program. The multicultural affairs office serves as a source of guidance and advocacy for students of color as they navigate their Smith experience.


Help Reactivate Indigenous Smith Students & Allies (ISSA)

ISSA is committed to educating the Smith community about social, economic, and cultural issues affecting Native American populations of the United States. Currently, there is not student leadership and the organization is inactive, but it can become active again in the spring semester if there's interest from Smith students. If you are interested in being a leader or a member, please join us! ISSA needs your help!

Questions? Please contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at extension 4940 or by email at lrichmon@smith.edu

Friday, September 26, 2014

UNITY Organizations' Fall Festival
6-8 p.m. Davis Ballroom
All are welcome to join ten of the Unity Organizations for a night of free food, music, and lots of fun! Come to meet all the Unity Organizations and learn what we are all about!

Participating Unity Organizations include Asian Students' Association (ASA), Black Students' Alliance (BSA), Chinese Inter-Regional Student Cultural Org (CISCO), South Asian Student Association of Smith (EKTA) International Students' Organization (ISO), Korean American Students of Smith (KASS), Multiethnic Interracial Smith College (MISC), Nosotr@s, Smith African and Caribbean Students' Association (SACSA), and Vietnamese Students' Association (VSA).