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Dear Parents,

I am delighted that your daughter will be attending Smith College. In acknowledgement of the ongoing guidance you will be offering her, I am happy to acquaint you with some of the numerous academic and cultural programs available at Smith.

Smith College, a recognized leader in liberal arts education for women, is a vibrant community populated with intriguing people from a variety of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Smith has made an ongoing commitment to cultural diversity, offering students innumerable opportunities to meet a new community of scholars and friends. At Smith, your daughter will encounter new people with whom to share ideas in many ways.

Smith is truly a wonderful place. Yet, as on most predominantly white campuses, students from diverse backgrounds face challenges. The college is steadfast in its efforts to maintain a community that embraces diversity. It continually sponsors educational and social events with this goal in mind. Beginning with its orientation programs, notably the Bridge program, students of color are afforded numerous opportunities to become an integral part of the Smith community. Once enrolled at Smith, most students of color find a niche in both Unity House and Mwangi Cultural Center, which serve as forums for discussing ideas about diversity and multiculturalism. They are also the venues for many multicultural events throughout the year, ranging from "A Celebration of Unity" to Big Sibling/Little Sibling teas.

By choosing Smith, your daughter will receive an excellent liberal arts education on a campus that values academic excellence and diversity. As such, the Office of Multicultural Affairs offers a holistic support to students of color: monitoring their progress, advising student organizations, promoting positive community relations and representing their concerns. I look forward to meeting and getting to know your daughter, and I invite you to contact me if I can be of assistance. Your comments and feedback are welcome.


L'Tanya Richmond
Director of Multicultural Affairs