Allegra Mira

Allegra Mira is a freelance writer and poet. In 2003, she worked with Stanley Kunitz and Genine Lentine on Kunitz’s final book, “The Wild Braid.”

In 2004, she represented Smith College at the first Five College Poets Series. After leaving Smith, she went on to write for the Daily Hampshire Gazette and other Western Massachusetts publications, including “Many Hands” magazine, “Home Magazine,” and “The Local Buzz.” Her poems have appeared in the Northampton Drive-By Poets series, and have been published in The Berkshire Review and Naugatuck River Review.

Allegra covers poetry and the Western Massachusetts poetry scene for The Springfield Republican’s site, on their Valley Poetry blog. She has judged for poetry publisher Perugia Press, screened manuscripts for Alice James Books, and sits on the Northampton Poet Laureate selection committee for the Northampton Arts Council. She lives in New York City, and has just published her first book, a choose-your-own adventure story entitled “One Day on the Boardwalk.”


Allegra Mira

The Single Lover

Some nights, she slithers onto
-p of her hands, slows, and arrives

at the dexterous and tender
station of fingertips: knuckles, finger

-pads deft and slipping
as if over pages.

In the name of the courtyards be
-tween apartment buildings,

filled with dark windows, half
-drawn shades, she does this. She

she does this
in the name of

strangers sleeping in honey
-comb apartment chambers.

She does this, she softens like beer, foam
-ing against glass, in

the name of
she open

-s like the constellations that time
and light arrange in space. In

the name of
possibility, she arranges

this damp, naked, lone
-some light show

-ed inside itself:

Possibility, that book
of life, too rare

-ly read.