Clare Stein Rosenfield

Clare Stein Rosenfield has published four poetry books since 2002. This poem is from TALL GRASSES OF WOODS HOLE & Other Summery Poems, published in 2004 by Turn of River Press, Stamford, CT. She has written poems all her life and has been a holistic-oriented social worker for 30 years. Visit her website at




Clare Stein Rosenfield '63


You Announce an Importance

I’m in love with your sunrise sky.
I left my warm bed
to nuzzle my nose into yours,
inhale your rosy freshness
and enter the domain of the heart-dwellers.

Ear-space makes room for your non-stop band,
worlds of tiny leg-players invited
to settle in the whole day long.

Heart-cloth opens
to gather up a gaggle of your own creations,
their long white necks aligned perfectly
with your steering.
Vast wing-spreads span your invisible lure
till splash!
a landing in Oyster Pond
just as your glowing red disc
bobs up behind them.

You announce an importance.

I stop and listen.