Carol V. Paul

After Smith, Carol V. Paul worked as a scientific researcher for eleven years. When the laboratory walls started to cave in, she became a Real Estate Broker for Hampshire and Franklin Counties for 18 years. Now retired, she’s enjoying a new love of writing. Since December 2003, she’s been a participant in Pat Schneider’s Amherst Writers and Artists writing workshop. In September of 2007, Paul published her first novel, Harvest of Secrets. She has published short stories in Peregrine and THEMA Literary Magazine, and received Honorable Mention in the short fiction contest of the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Paul is currently at work on another novel, as well as stories and poems of visiting wildlife that live in harmony with her in Williamsburg, MA.


Carol V. Paul '71


Trees by Night’s Wind

Sleep interrupted, staring through streaked panes,
I lie here, head pillowed to see above the sash.
Inside looking out,
only the trees tell of the wind.

The rustle of stout branches swaying,
leaves touching leaves, tousled, swooshed.
The air between remains silent,
interrupted only by a black winged bat.

Full golden moonbeams shine through veins
breaking jagged at their serrated ends,
down scotched bark, the frazzled promise
of wind being windy out on a limb.

When the bat returns to her rafter and crickets chirr,
echoes rebound, while wafts lend to creaking,
snapping, flexing elastic; bent trunks spring upright
at blows end. The wind, still at last.

I turn over and face the wall, my back
against the silence, the din of night.
My legs draw up like the fetus long ago as
the wind moves down the mountain’s craggy spine.