Born in St. Louis, MO, Eleanor Howe graduated from Smith in 1965, having majored in psychology. After college, living and working in New York City, she became active in the Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, and began writing poetry. Twenty-three of her poems have been published. In 1977, she moved to Florida to assist her parents in their last years, and stayed there, settling in Palm Beach.






Eleanor Howe


A May Day after Kent State Shootings

Four died and there is fear that many more will die in time
The Iron clamps are coming down
Operation Total Victory
Is fighting Totalitarianism
For a freedom it is hard to feel or find
Heavy rocks are thrown
Anger and the laughter of triumph
Crackle like a camp fire amid barren trees

We are in the midst of winter
But yet, it is May
It is spring
We are not ready
We would have the rockets
Seed the stars
So it would come after some resolution
After the weight is taken from us

But the tidal waves of green
The endless circle
Turns and turns
And we realize how gigantic is this enterprise
That every tree sprouts green
Pink and yellow blot out the gray
This mission cannot be controlled
It comes