Frances Saunders AC ’07 is spending this year attempting to write a poem a day. Her work has been published in the international poetry anthology Mobius as well as other publications. She has A.A.S. in Writing & Literature from the Borough of Manhattan Community college where she came in second place in their annual 2005 non-fiction writer’s contest. She has a B.A. in African-American studies and studied with the fabulously talented and gentle Anne Boutelle while at Smith.






Frances Saunders '07


Jesus Was a Woman

In the electric blue of her
pulsating heart,
she found hate so putrid—it
reeked of the devil and
God’s lost battle for her soul.

With each palpitation, each pulse,
each deadly call to live—
she shrieked, recoiled back
into herself like the dead,
long forgotten snake
discovered in the Garden of Eden.

In her search for North stars,
musk and myrrh,
she never found babies in mangers
or pillars of salt—
made of human tears and frustration;
or brothers who killed each other in jealousy.

Instead, she found women:
unmentioned, unsought,
hardening her fast, graying heart
as she zigzagged through waiting souls.