Kimberley Ann Rogers earned her B.A. in English from Smith College and worked with Ellen Watson at the Poetry Center. Currently, she's an MFA candidate at Drew University's MFA in Poetry /Poetry in Translation Program. Kim's work has been published in several magazines, including American Writing, Naugatuck River Review and APJ. She's won numerous poetry prizes. Kim is the poetry program director/educator at The Care Center in Holyoke, MA and editor of its journal: Nautilus II. She lives in Easthampton, Ma.

  Kimberley Ann Rogers '08

Which direction will you take when the universe collapses?

You sit here at the bus stop
trying to stick your direction
to this paper, sometimes
to the left: margin where you love
the idea of your altruistic self, sometimes

to the right: margin where you decide,
at your next reading, you will fool the whole crowd
and vomit out pre-printed greeting card sluice
just to be bitchy and false.

Meanwhile the same numbered bus comes and goes.
And though your pocket is full of change,
you'll not spend a dime of it.
You will sit here,
neither getting on
nor getting off,

just pressing your body into the wood
of pissed upon benches or being taken
—hollow cup spun in an impulsive wind—
to a stranger's lawn or a sewer grate,
laid to rest there, weathered into your sog limp.
You: nonchalant pollutant,

while the universe concaves
into a perfect, centered fissure
and #2012 bus disappears into the vortex
of unimaginable

You've missed it all                 you ass.

First published in American Poetry Journal: 2009