Mary Ann Hoberman

Mary Ann Hoberman’s first children’s book, All My Shoes Come in Twos, came out in 1957. Since then she has published almost fifty books for children, most of them in verse. A House is a House for Me won a National Book Award and in 2003 she received the National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry. She lives with her husband Norman, an architect and sculptor, in Greenwich, CT.


Mary Ann Hoberman '51


Take Sound

Each word a poem –
Take sound-
Its mysteries abound:
To hear a sound;
To sound to find;
Or to be sound
In body, mind;
A stretch of water
Wide and clear;
To register
Upon the ear –
Each separate meaning
Hovers, tense
Above the more
Intended sense.
Each part of speech
Another trope,
A turn
In the kaleidoscope.
And in this lovely
Layered thing,
The origins
Of language sing,
Alive, ambiguous, absurd –
In the beginning was the word.




Published in The Horn Book Magazine May/June 2005