Marcia Brown


Marcia F. Brown holds an MFA degree in Poetry from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA Program.   Her 2006 chapbook, The Way Women Walk was selected first place winner in the Sheltering Pines Press 2005 Chapbook Competition.  Her most recent book, Home to Roost, Paintings and Poems from Belfast, Maine, is a collaboration with Maine artist, Archie Barnes, featuring their work from past Belfast Poetry Festivals.  Her poems and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in the journals, Poet Lore, Animus, Off the Coast, Words and Images and Lyric Magazine among others.  Her work was nominated for Pushcart Prizes in 2005 and 2006.

Marcia is certified as a Leader of Writing Workshops for Underserved Populations by the Amherst Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI).   She works as a real estate professional in affordable housing and resides in Cape Elizabeth, Maine with her husband, Nat Clifford.



Marcia Brown '75


The Way Women Walk

How I love
the way that women walk,
in summer
at night

crossing lawns under Japanese lanterns
or stepping out from canopies
in streetlight after rain.

There is a lullaby
in the way women walk
together in summer at night,
a low familiar melody
near and faraway.

The light clip clip of their shoes I love,
their languid waltz of approaching.
I hear their soft arpeggio-talk,
in unseen spaces of dark.

I love the way that women walk
together in shadows at night,
haloed, emboldened
by lamplight.
I love watching
the way women walking
enfold themselves
in their arms,
holding their untold stories
close to their ribs.

They turn and lean to one another
in a great hushed chorus of walk,
brush-beat of shoulder and hip,
an evensong of ease surrounds them.

They are their own deep night. Their own
crickets, peepers, owls in leafy trees.
They are the moon
for dim passages.

I love to think
of women walking
in summer
at night,


their arms unwinding in song,

the wind
   lifting their hair like a hymn.




The Way Women Walk is the title poem of Marcia F. Brown’s chapbook, which was selected first prize winner in the 2005 Sheltering Pines Press Chapbook Competition (