Alumnae Poets Reading April 22



Class of 1950

Vinni Marie Aguanno D'Ambrosio

New York City


Class of 1950

Mary Ann Hoberman

Greenwich, CT


Class of 1953


Joan Alice Wood Kimball

Concord, MA



Class of 1954


Celia Gilbert

Cambridge, MA


Class of 1955


Charlotte Coe Lemann
Manchester, MA


Class of 1956


Shirley Thomas Wulfing

Sandy Springs, GA


Class of 1959


Jane Rawlings

Bernardsville, NJ



Class of 1960


Linda Levitz
Ardsley, NY

Jane Yolen 
Hatfield, MA

Carolyn H. Connors
Tenant's Harbor, ME



Class of 1963


Carolyn Benson

Goshen, MA

Dorothy Washburn Dundas
Newton, MA


Class of 1964


Suzanne E. Berger

Somerville, MA



Class of 1965


Anne Harding Woodworth

Washington D.C.



Class of 1967


Rosalyn Driscoll

Haydenville, MA

Susan Snively
Amherst, MA



Class of 1967


Maryke Cramerus

Houston, TX

Pamela  Harrison
Norwich, VT

Class of 1969

Peggy Gillespie

Belchertown, MA


Susie Patlove
Shelburne Falls, MA


Class of 1971


Tanya Contos
Jamaica Plain, MA

Susan Middleton
Ashfield, MA

Carol V. Paul
Williamsburg, MA



Class of 1974


Mary Dunn Dowd
Yarmouth, ME

Patricia Giragosian
Concord, MA



Class of 1975


Marcia Brown

Cape Elizabeth, ME



Class of 1978


Olivia Ruiz Marrujo
Chula Vista, CA


Class of 1983

Katherine E. Young   
Washington D.C.


Class of 1985

Yvonne Garrett
New York City



Class of 1987


Pamela St. Clair

Moodus, CT

Marsha Smith Janson
Florence, MA



Class 1989


Laura Prescott AC
Greenfield, MA


             Class of 1993

Lynette Ng
Northampton, MA


Class of 1997

Danielle Durkin
Brooklyn, NY


Class of 1998

Chloé Yelena Miller
Roselle Park, NJ


Class of 1998

Monica Raymond

Cambridge, MA

Class of 2004

Shannon Hunt
Cambridge, MA

Class of 2005

Collyn Hinchey
Brooklyn, NY

Changxin Fang 
Rockville, MD


Class of 2007


Julia Williams
Middleboro, MA





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