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About the Department

Psychology at Smith is consistently one of the most popular majors on campus. The department's faculty is strongly committed to providing a rich, diverse curriculum to majors and non-majors alike.

Tracks of Study

The curriculum is structured to develop the skills and objectives set forth in the department's mission statement. The curriculum is generally organized around the following tracks of study:

These tracks of study have been designed into the requirements for the department's major and minor, and are clearly reflected in the courses offered by the department.

Cognitive & Brain Sciences

PSY209/PHI 209 Philosophy and History of Psychology
PSY210/NSC 210 Introduction to Neuroscience
PSY213/PHI 213 Language Acquisition
PSY215 Brain States
PSY218 Cognitive Psychology
PSY313 Seminar in Psycholinguistics
Topic: Language and Thought
PSY 314 Seminar in Foundations of Behavior
Topic 1:Cognition in Film
Topic 2: Autism Spectrum Disorders
PSY 326 Seminar in Biopsychology
Topic:Environmental Origins

Health & Physiology of Behavior

ESS 220 Psychology of Sport
PSY 221 Physiology of Behavior
PSY 222 Psychopharmacology
PSY 224 Learning and Behavior Change: Methods, Theory, and Practice
PSY 225 Health Psychology
PSY 227 Brain, Behavior and Emotion
PSY 324 Seminar: Society, Psychology, and Health
PSY 325 Research Seminar in Health Psychology
Topic: Issues in Mind/ Body Medicine
PSY 326 Seminar in Biopsychology

Culture & Development

PSY 233 Child Development
EDC 238 Introduction to the Learning Sciences
PSY 241 Psychology of Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
PSY 243 Adult Development
PSY 246 Colloquium: Psychology of Asian American Experiences
PSY 247 Psychology of the Black Experience
PSY 333 Seminar in Developmental Psychology
Topic: Identity in Psychology, Fiction and Autobiography
PSY 335 Research Seminar in Alcohol Use and Misuse
PSY 342 Seminar: Psychology of Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Among U.S. Hispanics
PSY 350 Seminar in Culture, Ethnicity, and Mental Health

Clinical & Abnormal Psychology

EDC 239 Counseling Theory and Education
PSY 252 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 253 Child Clinical Psychology
PSY 254 Clinical Psychology
PSY 352 Seminar in Advanced Clinical Psychology
Topic 1: The Scientific Basis of Adult Psychotherapy
Topic 2 : Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders
PSY 358 Research Seminar in Clinical Psychology

Social, Personality & Gender

PSY 265 Colloquium: Political Psychology
PSY 266 Psychology of Women and Gender
PSY 269 Colloquium: Categorization and Intergroup behavior
PSY 270 Social Psychology
PSY 271 Psychology of Personality
PRS 304 Happiness: Buddhist and Psychological Understanding of Personal Well-Being
PSY 369 Research Seminar on Categorization and Intergroup Behavior
PSY 371 Seminar in Personality
Topic: Well Being
PSY 374 Psychology of Political Activism
PSY 375 Research Seminar on Political Psychology

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