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Faculty & Staff

Chair: Lauren Duncan

Annaliese Beery, Assistant Professor

Fletcher A. Blanchard, Professor, Study Abroad Advisor

Jill de Villiers, Sophia & Austin Smith Professor of Psychology & Philosophy

Peter A. de Villiers Sophia & Austin Smith Professor of Psychology

Patricia DiBartolo, Professor

Lauren Duncan, Professor and Department Chair

Randy O. Frost, Harold & Elsa Siipola Israel Professor of Psychology

Mary Harrington, Tippit Professor in Life Sciences

Benita Jackson, Associate Professor

David Palmer, Senior Lecturer

Philip K. Peake, Professor, Co-Chair of the IRB

Bill E. Peterson, Professor, Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Development

Nnamdi Pole, Professor, Co-Chair of the IRB

Beth Powell, Senior Lecturer

Marsha Pruett, Adjunct Professor

Maryjane Wraga, Professor

Alexandra Burgess, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Byron L. Zamboanga, Professor

Research Associates

George M. Robinson

Robert Teghtsoonian

Martha Teghtsoonian

Michele T. Wick


Peter B. Pufall
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Donald B. Reutener
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Jaap Diedrick Snoek
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Frances Cooper Volkmann
Harold Edward & Elsa Israel Professor Emerita of Psychology