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Registration Guidelines

Students who are away from campus for off-campus study or personal leave are permitted to register early for the semester in which they plan to return.

Studying Away Senior Year?

If you are spending all or part of your senior year away from Smith click here.

How to Register

1) Review the Course Catalog, Schedule of Classes and Policies & Guidelines

2) Review the registration start day for your class year as noted on the Advising and Registration Schedule.

3) Submit your registration online via BannerWeb or by mail, e-mail or fax:

Register Online

You may register beginning on the day assigned to your class year. Log into BannerWeb through the Smith Portal with your network username and password. Please note: as a student on leave, you are NOT required to obtain a registration code at this time but you will need a new registration code for any online changes made to your schedule at the start of the coming semester.

Register by mail, e-mail or fax

You do not need an adviser's signature at this time. Complete the Registration Worksheet form (PDF) and return it to the registrar's office by mail, fax or e-mail no later than the end of registration. Please be sure to include your name and ID number on the worksheet. The registrar's office will process your registration on the registration days assigned to your specific class.

Fax: (413) 585-2557
E-mail: registrar@smith.edu

Adviser Approval

While adviser approval of registration is not required at this time for students away from campus, it is understood that you will consult with your adviser upon your return to campus to review your course program. It is the responsibility of both student and adviser to plan a course program that will lead to successful completion of all degree requirements.

Alternate Choices

Alternate choices are particularly important when you are selecting courses that are limited in enrollment or require registration in limited sections.

Five College Courses

A link to the online Five College request form can be found at the bottom of the BannerWeb course registration page. Access to both forms is scheduled by class standing and must be completed by the same deadlines.

Smith Transcripts

If you are in need of reviewing your academic record, you may view your transcript online via BannerWeb.

Study Away Transcripts

Please be sure to request that an official transcript be sent to the registrar's office as soon as your semester's work is complete. Final transcripts are due no later than July 1 for students returning in the fall and February 1 for students returning in the spring.

Returning Late

Any student returning late to campus should keep in mind that instructors are not required to hold spaces for students who do not attend the first class meeting.