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Students who have withdrawn from Smith may request readmission through the registrar's office. Readmission is not automatic nor is it guaranteed. You must follow the readmission procedures as outlined below.

Submit Your Request for Readmission

The readmission process is initiated when the registrar's office receives your Request for Readmission.

Fall semester readmission requests are due March 1.
Spring semester readmission requests are due November 1.

To expedite the process, we encourage you to submit an electronic request form as an e–mail attachment to registrar@smith.edu.

Review of Your Request for Readmission

The Readmission Subcommittee reviews requests and determines whether additional requirements must be completed before your request proceeds to the Administrative Board. You will be notified by e-mail of any requirements. Please be aware that this letter may include an additional deadline for completing a requirement. If your application is incomplete at that time, it is possible that it will not be considered for the coming semester. In advance of receiving that letter, you should know that:

Review of Your Materials

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board meets Tuesday afternoons during the academic year. Once you have completed all requirements, your request will go to the Administrative Board for consideration. You will be notified by e-mail if your request is approved or denied.

Confirm Your Readmission

If you are approved for readmission, you must submit a check or money order for $100 to cover the general deposit required of all readmitted students. Until this deposit is paid, you will not be considered an enrolled student, your housing will not be assigned and your financial aid will not be calculated.

Along with the general deposit, you must fill out the room assignment request for readmitted students. The form is required of all readmitted students, even those requesting permission to live off-campus.

Information for Readmitted Students Receiving Financial Aid

Any student applying for readmission to Smith College, who is a financial aid applicant, must complete her financial aid application by August 15 (for Fall readmission) or January 4 (for Spring readmission). Any financial aid applicant who does not complete her financial aid application by the deadline may have her readmission application denied or prior approval revoked. Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions regarding the financial aid application process.