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Five College Registration

Applications to take a course through the Five College Interchange are processed electronically through BannerWeb. Students interested in participating in the interchange should follow the procedures outlined below.

Check the Five College Calendar

Openings and closings of semesters on the five campuses vary, particularly in the spring semster and may overlap with the Smith Interterm. Students should make their academic and travel plans accordingly.

Five College bus service: For more information, students should consult the Five college website.

Steps for Registration

1. Review Smith Guidelines for Five College Registration

2. Review specific policies for Smith students taking courses elsewhere

3. Search for a course

Consult the Five College course guides to find a course at one of the other colleges. Please be aware that some courses may not be open to Five College students.

University of Massachusetts

4. Check the previously approved courses list

Not all Five College courses are approved for credit toward the Smith degree. Courses not on the previously approved list of courses will be reviewed by the registrar at the time the course request is submitted through BannerWeb.

University of Massachusetts (PDF)

Students may request prior approval by submitting a course description or syllabus to the registrar's office for review. Normally only those courses falling within the field of liberal arts will be approved.

Please note: Some introductory language courses require completion of a full year (normally two semesters) before credit is granted. See the transfer credit guidelines for more clarification.

5. Obtain your adviser's approval

As with all your Smith courses, your adviser must also approve your registration in a Five College course. Once you've discussed your course program with your adviser and it is has been approved, your registration code will give you access to the BannerWeb registration menu for Smith registration and the Five College request form.

6. Submit your request through BannerWeb

Important: Be sure you are at a computer where you can print.

A link to the online Five College request form can be found at the bottom of the BannerWeb course registration page. Access to both forms is scheduled by class standing in November and April, and must be submitted by the published registration deadlines.

Please note: The submission of a Five College request requires the exchange of personal information with the other campus, including the student's social security number. All information is released to the host registrar only and is kept confidential.

  1. Click the radio button for the school where you want to take a course
  2. Select the subject from the drop-down menu and click find course
  3. Select the course and submit your request
  4. Review request and submit
  5. Print receipt (see example below) and follow directions below about obtaining signatures if necessary. You will not be able to print your receipt later.

Once your electronic course request has been received by the Smith registrar's office, it will be transmitted to the host institution for approval. If you are not accepted into the course, you will be notified via e-mail and your registration will be canceled. If accepted, the course will simply be added to your BannerWeb schedule.

7. Get signatures

If the course requires permission or you are registering at the start of the semester, you are required to print a copy of the receipt form, obtain the instructor's signature and submit it to the Smith registrar's office before your request will be processed. Failure to do so will prevent your request from moving forward.

Independent studies: A special studies form (signed by the instructor and appropriate Smith department chair) is required and must be submitted with the interchange registration form. Students should check with the host campus to fulfill any additional requirements for registration.

Grading Option: If a student intends to enroll in a Five College course under the S/U or P/F option, she must declare that option at the host campus by their deadlines. Smith will record the grade submitted by the host institution.