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Taking Classes Elsewhere Senior Year

Within the Five Colleges

Graduating seniors taking five college courses in the spring semester of their senior year should make special note of the examination schedule and grade deadlines at the other campuses.

Students taking five college courses must abide by the regulations of the institution offering the course. Seniors should be advised that there is no obligation on the part of faculty at other colleges to make alternative arrangements for work due at the end of the semester or to give early examinations.


Seniors who are taking five follege courses for which grades will not be available by graduation will participate in graduation exercises in the same manner as other seniors. The diploma only will be held and then mailed once grades are complete. Names will appear in the commencement program, the only difference being that those seniors who may expect to graduate with Latin Honors will not be listed as such until all grades are received. If undergraduate seniors are eligible for Latin honors, their GPA will be recalculated once the record is complete. If Latin honors is awarded, the notation will be added to the diploma, but will not be included in the commencement program because of publications deadlines.

If available, instructors may report final grades directly to the Smith registrar's office prior to commencement by sending an e-mail to registrar@smith.edu. If received by the end of the day on the Friday before Commencement, the diploma will be released.

Away From Campus or a Non-Smith Program

A student who wishes to complete part or all of her senior year away from campus on a Smith or non-Smith program or at another undergraduate institution must petition the administrative board. The petition must include a plan for the satisfactory completion of the major and degree requirements, and must have the approval of the department or program of the major.

The petition must be filed in the Office of the Class Deans by the deadline to request approval of off-campus study.

Students studying away from campus during their final semester will not be awarded the degree or diploma until the Office of the Registrar receives a final official transcript and confirmation of completion of degree requirements is complete.