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Transfer Credit

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Transfer credit is accepted from accredited institutions of higher education in the United States and abroad for liberal arts courses of the general type and level offered at Smith College. The registrar and director of the Ada Comstock Program evaluate all transfer work completed prior to enrollment at Smith College. Enrolled students interested in studying elsewhere must have their work approved in advance by the class dean or Office for International Study.

A maximum of 64 transfer credits may be recorded on the Smith transcript. A student may not receive credit for work completed at another institution while in residence at Smith College, except for interterm and courses taken through the Five College Interchange.

In order to be considered for transfer credit, the student must arrange for the host institution to send an official transcript directly to the Office of the Registrar at Smith; hand-delivered transcripts are not accepted. Credit will only be considered for transfer if the host institution awards academic credit and the grade earned is equivalent to a C or better. Grades of pass/fail, satisfactory/unsatisfactory or credit/noncredit earned in courses completed at other institutions are not acceptable for transfer toward the Smith degree unless the transcript clearly states that the minimum level of performance for that grade is a C or better.

With the exception of grades received for domestic exchange programs and study abroad, grades for work completed at other institutions will not appear on the Smith record. All grades for courses completed through 12 college exchange and Smith- approved study abroad will be recorded on the Smith transcript but will not be calculated in the Smith GPA. No transfer or exchange grades will be counted for dean's list or Latin honors GPA.

After credit has been transferred to a student's record at Smith, such credit may not be removed. The only exception is when a student earns credit for a Smith course that duplicates the earlier transfer course.

Study Away/Abroad

Students wishing to study elsewhere for a semester, interterm or summer term must have their courses approved in advance by the class dean. Procedural information and forms may be obtained from the Office of the Class Deans.

Study Abroad: All students who wish to study abroad must obtain approval from the Office for International Study. No credit will be awarded for foreign study which was not granted prior approval. Deadlines and procedural information may be obtained from the Office of International Study.

Smith Students Studying Away Senior Year

A student who wishes to complete part or all of her senior year away from campus on a Smith or non-Smith program or at another undergraduate institution must petition the administrative board. The petition must include a plan for the satisfactory completion of the major and degree requirements (including residency) and must have the approval of the department of the major. The petition must be filed in the Office of the Class Deans by the deadline to request approval for off-campus study.

Students studying away from campus during their final semester will not be awarded the degree or diploma until the Office of the Registrar receives a final official transcript and confirmation of the completion of degree requirements is complete.