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10/06/2015: Celebrating Eid at Smith
10/06/2015: CRSL Open Lawn
09/29/2015: Doubts & Harmonious Voices amongst the Rain: Rosh Hashanah at Smith
09/29/2015: Music is a Dream: The Power of Music in Saving Lives
09/24/2015: Expanding the Horizons: Student Involvement Fair
05/01/2015: Activism On Smith Campus - Students' Perspective
05/01/2015: Pet a Pet Day - Spring 2015
05/01/2015: The Koyal's Cage
04/14/2015: ServeUP - A Spring Break Service - Learning Trip
04/14/2015: Remembrance and Solidarity with Kenyan Students
04/03/2015: My Religion is Kindness - A Peace Meal
04/03/2015: They Have Some Kind of Power- The Nakatani Gong Orchestra
03/11/2015: Christianity in the Middle East: Analyzing the Scholarly & Policy Response
03/02/2015: Vigil for Peace: Responding to Islamophobia
02/20/2015: Ash Wednesday Services at St. John's Episcopal Church
02/16/2015: Opening of the new Kosher Kitchen
02/04/2015: Taking a Break: Soup Salad and Soul
12/23/2014: Light, Presents and Family: Talking About Chanukkah
11/06/2014: A time for celebration and reflection: Otelia Cromwell Day 2014
10/26/2014: Family Weekend Interfaith Panel
10/25/2014: Tahera Ahmad speaks at the celebration of 25th anniversary of Al-Iman
10/22/2014: Pet-A-Pet Day: many cuddles and little stress
10/20/2014: An Evening of Music to Stir the Heart
10/15/2014: A Different Sense of Time- Celebrating Rosh Hashanah at Smith
09/26/2014: Signs of Fall: Student Involvement Fair
03/29/2014: Hunger Banquet: Awareness Made Local
03/10/2014: An Amish Woman's Ties to Two Worlds
01/20/2014: Martin Luther King Junior Celebration
11/29/2013: Sustainability: What's Faith Got To Do With It?
11/27/2013: Exploring Spirituality, Faith and Religion at Smith
11/16/2013: Sex and Buddhism Lunch Talk with Sensei Ryumon
10/30/2013: Joy Ladin
10/20/2013: Befriending The Body
10/17/2013: Photos of the Inauguration Ceremony
09/20/2013: Pets and Peaches
09/14/2013: Interfaith Council Facilitates Cooperation
09/11/2013: Hot Seat: Morality and Ethics
07/25/2013: Remarks on the Trayvon Martin Verdict
04/20/2013: Smith Stands With Boston
04/29/2013: Interfaith Sundae Day
03/07/2013: Sunset Hike
02/22/2013: Midnight Cry
02/20/2013: Hamantaschen Baking with Hillel
02/14/2013: Interfaith Breadbaking
01/21/2013: A Perfect Way to Celebrate MLK Day
12/02/2012: Christmas Vespers
10/24/2012: Pet-A-Pet Day Fall 2012
10/04/2012: Sukkot at Smith: Pizza In the Hut
09/07/2012: Interfaith Schmooze and Smoothie
04/26/2012: Interfaith Sundae
04/20/2012: Western MA House Church
04/20/2012: Pet-a-Pet Day Spring 2012
04/12/2012: Festival of Space & Sound: Mike Vargas
03/07/2012: Jewish Lunch
02/29/2012: Buddhist Take on Spirituality and Social Justice
02/23/2012: Hot Seat: Sexual Harassment and Bullying
02/16/2012: Interview with Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser
12/08/2011: Advent Dinner
11/17/2011: Searching for Meaning in the Age of Facebook
11/04/2011: Sunset Hike, Fall 2011
10/23/2011: Parents Weekend Interfaith Mass 2011
10/16/2011: Sukkot 2011
10/12/2011: Buddhist Meditation
09/22/2011: Festival of Sound and Space: Bora Yoon
09/20/2011: Beyond Belief: Barry Moser
04/30/2011: Reading Room
04/28/2011: Interfaith Sundae & Jeopardy
04/20/2011: Pet-a-Pet Day
04/19/2011: Seder Celebration
04/16/2011: Sunset Hike
04/13/2011: Buddhist Lunch: This Precious Life
04/08/2011: Soup, Salad, & Soul: Student Leadership
04/03/2011: Handbell Choir Spring Ring
03/23/2011: Hot Seat: Abortion & Childbirth
03/10/2011: Greek Orthodox Service
03/09/2011: Ash Wednesday Service
03/08/2011: Buddhist Lunch
02/17/2011: Hot Seat! Ethics Panel
02/11/2011: Soup, Salad, and Soul Revisited
12/06/2010: Hanukkah Party
12/05/2010: Christmas Vespers
11/14/2010: Kathy Kelly Lecture
11/13/2010: Freethinkers
11/06/2010: Eid Dinner
11/03/2010: Rosary
11/01/2010: Buddhist Meditation
10/28/2010: Handbell Choir
10/24/2010: Parents Weekend Multi-Faith Service
10/18/2010: Salman Ahmad
10/07/2010: Interfaith Party
09/29/2010: Les Petits Chanteurs
09/27/2010: Soup, Salad, & Soul
09/23/2010: Sukkot