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Religious Nourishing and Engaging

An Interview with Colleen O'Toole '11

How long have you been involved with the chapel and what is your affiliation?

I have been a part of Radical Catholic Feminists for two years.

What made you get involved with chapel-sponsored activities/organizations?

I saw a table at the org fair and my friends joked that it would be the perfect organization for me, since I was Catholic and feminist. Lo and behold, it was.

What experience(s) have you had as a result of your relationship with the chapel that has impacted your life?

I have met wonderful women who have helped me through my daily life, made and strengthened relationships with people, learned about new causes, explored my religion and been able to have a safe space where I can complain about or celebrate my faith.

What were you expecting from your interactions with the chapel? Was it different from what you expected? If so, how?

I was a little nervous about coming to a school that was unaffiliated with a religion, and a bit worried that I wouldn't have a faith community to support me.

What have you learned about your own spirituality? (Can you share any lessons or anecdotes?)

I've learned a lot about the historical basis of some of my beliefs, why I believe what I do and how to best articulate my case, and that I am now more able to see God in the world and in others.

Have you made any connections (physical, mental, spiritual) that you think you may not have otherwise made?

The people I have met at the chapel have led me towards so much information and helped me explore and strengthen my faith, I can safely say I would be an entirely different person without them.

What two words would you use to describe your experience with Religious Life?

Nourishing and engaging!