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About the Office

Residence life is part of Smith's cocurricular environment that enhances and enriches the academic program. Students come from varied backgrounds, and the house community provides a supportive, social environment for students to learn about and appreciate each other's experiences and differences.


Post Room Draw Change Form

The post Room Draw Change form is now available on the Forms & Applications page. If you are making a request for a change for next academic year, please be sure to use the Post Room Draw form. The regular Room change form is only for current term changes.

Petition to Waive the On-Campus Living Requirement

The Petition to Wiave the On-Campus Living Requirement is now up and accepting petitions for the fall. You can find it on the Forms & Applications page.

Summer Housing Form

The Summer Housing Form will be available on April 15. Watch these announcments for links to the form and instructions!

Room Change Form

The Room Change Form is available and is located at: www.smith.edu/reslife/forms.php. There is a quick step-by-step reminder about the process. If you would like more detailed information about requests for a room change, please see our FAQ page at: www.smith.edu/reslife/houses_faq.php.