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Where Do I Start?

Room Draw details forthcoming

Please watch for an email from Residence Life on Friday, January 29, 2016 that will outline changes to the timeline as we implement a new housing data solution. Please note that the dates below are from 2015 and will be changing for 2016. NOTE: An email with updates on Special Lotteries will go out on Friday February 12.

February 16-20, 2015

1. Fill out your House Decision Form.

If you have decided to stay in your house, jump to Step 4.

This form is to determine if you would like to leave your house or stay in your house.

House Decision Forms will be available to all students who are juniors, sophomores or first-years through BannerWeb. You will need to know your user ID and PIN to access your House Decision Form. If you do not know your user ID and PIN please contact User Support Services, Stoddard Hall 23, ext. 4487, to fill out an application for notification of your user ID and PIN. View the Prezi about this process (Note: Prezi graphics can be disorienting for some students).

On this form, you will have two choices:

  1. Remain in current house: If you wish to return to the house you currently live in, select this option. You will be added to the house roster and have nothing more to do until room draw in April.
  2. Enter the lottery: If you would like to live in another house other than the one you currently live in, select this option. You will then complete the House Choice Form.


March 10-18, 2015

2. Fill out the House Choice Form if you are leaving your current house.

This form asks you to pick your top five houses on campus. If you have chosen to move out of your current house, you will need to go back to BannerWeb to access your House Choice Form. This form allows you to indicate five house preferences.

When you log on to BannerWeb and access your House Choice Form you will be notified of your house lottery number. The range of lottery numbers reflects the number of students in each class who have elected to enter the lottery to change houses. The approximate range of lottery numbers is from 1 to 650 or higher within each class. This is not your room draw number.


3. When choosing your top five houses, you want to pay close attention to the house quotas.

House quotas are the openings by class year per house. You will have the best chance of receiving an assignment in a house with a large number of openings for students in your class year. The combination of lottery number, available spaces and the number of students interested in a house will determine the likelihood of being assigned one of your house choices. If you choose a house that has no openings for your class year, you will not get in and will lessen your chances of going to Room Draw.

March 25, 2015

4. You will receive your lottery number via your Smith e-mail.

TBA Housing

If you are not going into your current house and did not get into your first five choices, you will be placed in TBA Housing (see FAQs for more information). You do not have to attend room draw if you are placed in TBA. Over the summer we will assign you a room according to what you requested in your TBA form which will be emailed to you.

March 31, April 1, April 2, 2015

5. Attend room draw in the Carroll Room.

Please see the room draw schedule for exact dates and times. Also see the general information about room draw. You can also view the room draw map.

Special-Interest Housing

Lottery information is available at special-interest housing.


If you can't attend room draw, please see information about sending a proxy.