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Community in Support of Those Who Serve and Sacrifice

Challenge Coins created by the CSSS group at SSWCSSS is a student group at SSW, for those with a connection, past or present, to the United States Military. The mission of CSSS is to provide peer support and valuable information to Social Work students with military experiences, including family members and friends of active or past service members.

Activities of the group include educational presentations and films for the whole SSW community.

News About SSW Commitment to Servicemembers (August 2009): Smith program finds many ways to help nation's veterans (August 2009): Muppets help on home front: Smith researcher helps Sesame Workshop test effectiveness of programming for military families

Smith College News Release (July 2009): Smith College Commits to Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans

Smith College Op-ed (July 2008): A Call to Arms for Social Workers by Carolyn Jacobs, dean of Smith College School for Social Work

Smith College News Release (2008): Army Scholar to Serve the Nation in a New Way

GrécourtGate News (2007-08): SSW Conference Keynoter Addresses Treating Veterans' Mental Health

GrécourtGate News (2006-07): The Fallout of Combat Trauma: Q & A with Kathryn Basham, School for Social Work