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November 18, 2013

About the Bulletin

The Bulletin offers relevant notices, reminders, and deadlines for School for Social Work students. Students are encouraged to use the SSW Bulletin as a vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body.

The Bulletin is updated weekly during the summer terms, and monthly throughout the fall and spring.

Next Submission Deadline: 12/19

We would like to invite students to use this vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body. Submission deadlines are listed below:

Submission Deadline
To Be Issued On
December 19
January 6
January 30
February 3
February 27
March 3
April 3
April 7
April 17
April 21
May 1
May 5
May 22
May 27

Please note: The Bulletin will now be issued on a monthly basis throughout the academic year.


Deadline for post-resident students to apply for leave of absence in Winter Term 2 by request to the Associate Dean or to submit payment

November 20
Community Practice Project Monthly Progress Report due to CPPA (1st-year students)

November 28-29
Thanksgiving Break

December 1
Monthly Narrative and Statistical Report due to FFA (all 1st- and 2nd-year students)

December 2
Anti-Racism Assignment Proposal due to Field Department and FFA (2nd-year students)

December 7
Second Thesis Deadline: one substantive chapter to the research advisor (2nd-year students)

December 16
Supervisors’ mid-year evaluation due

December 20
Community Practice Project Monthly Progress Report due to CPPA (1st-year students)

End of December
Financial Aid online application materials available to all current students.

December 23, 2013 through January 3, 2014
Winter Vacation

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Witt Kieffer Secured in Search for New SSW Dean
College officials have contracted with Witt Kieffer, a firm well recognized for identifying academic leadership - particularly in schools for social work, to assist them in the search for a Dean to succeed Dean Jacobs. A Search Committee is working closely with the firm to provide guidance and direction about the unique aspects of Smith's School for Social Work. The search committee includes representatives from the various SSW constituencies including: Marilyn Schuster, Ph.D. - College Provost and Search Committee Chair; Associate Dean Josh Miller, Ph.D., Joyce Everett, Ph.D. and Phebe Sessions, Ph.D. - SSW faculty representatives; Randy Frost, Ph.D. - Smith College faculty representative; Chris Vaugh, Ph.D. '06 - Alumni Representative; and Karen Tsai and Isaiah Jones - student representatives. The Firm has met with members of the SSW faculty, administration and staff, student and alumni groups, and members of the College in an effort to better understand the School's priorities and the qualities needed in a new dean to meet those priorities. Click here for more information.

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To All Students --
2013 Syllabi on Moodle
A Moodle page has now been created giving students access to syllabi from all Summer 2013 courses. It is titled "SSW Syllabi - Summer 2013". The page should appear in the course list on the left-hand side when one logs in. Please note that it may be listed toward the end of the courses. Any issues about accessing the page can be directed to Melissa Henry in the Office of Academic Support Services,

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Thesis Information
Thesis students must submit a substantive draft of one chapter (usually the literature review for empirical theses) or draft of the phenomenon chapter (theoretical theses) to research advisor by December 6, 2013 (This version should incorporate all revisions and additions made by the research advisor on the first draft.)

For Post Resident Students Completing Their Thesis Project By December 6th Please refer to the Thesis Guidelines in MOODLE ( for specific instructions regarding submitting the thesis.

Also, please remember that documentation of the dissemination requirement must be filed with the Research Sequence Administrative Assistant by this December 6th deadline.

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Loan Forgiveness Program
The NASW has created a Loan Forgiveness FAQ page in an effort to help members navigate the student loan repayment options in Massachusetts and to offer assistance in answering commonly asked questions. Read more here!

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The Bulletin will remain in place as the main vehicle for important reminders from the School. These additional channels will provide opportunities for our community to stay connected and engaged throughout the year.