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Housing Options

On-campus housing

On-campus housing is available during the 10-week summer academic session in certain undergraduate dormitories. These dormitories are assigned to us by the College each summer and are located mostly in the center of campus. The houses range in size from 43 to 80 students per building. Each floor has communal bathrooms, which are shared by all the occupants on the floor. All rooms are single occupancy and are furnished with a twin bed, bureau, bookcase, desk and chair. Each room is wired for internet access and each has a telephone with local calling and voicemail capability.

For 2014, SSW students living on-campus will be in King, Scales and Jordan Houses. These buildings are located in the Quadrangle section of campus, at the corner of Elm Street and Paradise Road.

Students choosing to live on-campus should review the Frequently Asked Questions, below, as well as the Dormitory Information page.

Off-Campus Housing

During the summer, off-campus housing is available through private arrangement. Many local residents rent rooms or apartments to our students during the summer. Our Communications Assistant, Doreen Underdue, compiles a list of these rentals. The list is available in the main office of Lilly Hall (Room 101) and through email. Students who would like to be added to the email list should contact Doreen directly at

We provide these listings as a courtesy to our students; it is the student's personal responsibility to deal directly with the local landlords. Students are strongly advised to do checks on all rentals. The School accepts no responsibility for off-campus rentals.

Options for students with children

There is very limited on-campus housing available during the 10-week summer academic session for students with children. The School for Social Work uses some of the Friedman Complex apartments during this time period for students with children. Each duplex apartment has the following: a living room with couch and chairs; a dining area with table and chairs; and a kitchen with stove and refrigerator on the first floor; on the second floor there is a bathroom and four bedrooms; each bedroom contains a single twin bed, bureau, bookcase, desk, and chair.

Although Friedman Complex apartments are made available to students with children, parents should be advised that the apartments are set up for undergraduate students and are not child-proofed.

Friedman Complex apartments are not air conditioned, nor can air conditioning be installed for anyone, under any circumstances, due to the shape of the windows.

Pets and service animals

The School regrets that we do not offer on-campus housing to students who have pets, as College policy states that no pets are allowed inside any College buildings, including student housing.

Service animals are not pets and are permitted on campus, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Smith College is committed to assuring equal access for disabled students, staff, and faculty, as well as guests and visitors to the campus. It is the College’s policy to permit service animals as defined by the ADA, and may permit Support Animals, as determined on a case by case basis, to reside in the residence hall with a student with a documented disability as a reasonable accommodation.

Service Animal Policy and Housing Contract [PDF]

Smoking restrictions

Smoking is prohibited in all College buildings, including dormitories.

In addition, the City of Northampton has issued new regulations banning smoking in a wide variety of locations, including municipal parks and athletic fields, private clubs and membership organizations, and public transportation vehicles and waiting areas. These new policies apply to both tobacco products and e-cigarettes; they will go into effect June 1, 2014.

Field work housing

During the field work internship sessions, housing arrangements must be made by the students; costs vary by region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be assigned a roommate?

The buildings used for on-campus housing are regular undergraduate dorms. All rooms are single occupancy. You will NOT be assigned a roommate.

How large are the rooms and what furniture do they contain?

Each room contains the following: a twin size bed [regular length]; a dresser; a desk and chair; small bookcase; and closet. Most rooms have only one window. You will need to bring sheets, towels, desk lamp, fan, hangers. Some people like to bring a small table to use next to their beds. And although each bed has a pillow, most people prefer to bring their own. Communal bathrooms [with showers] are located on each floor. These bathrooms have areas where you can leave towels and personal toiletries.

Are the dorms air-conditioned?

No, the dorms are not air-conditioned. Only students with a medical need and who can provide signed medical documentation to that effect may have air conditioner, which must be rented through and installed by the College.

Dorms for students with children are not air conditioned, nor can air conditioning be installed for anyone, under any circumstances, due to the shape of the windows.

Do the dorms have kitchens?

Each dorm has a kitchenette with a microwave and small refrigerator, which will be available for SSW students to use. However, many students opt to bring a small refrigerator for their room so that they can keep snacks and beverages in their room. Students may not have microwaves, toaster ovens or electric hot plates in their rooms. You may bring an electric coffee pot or tea kettle for your room.
Please note: Room and board are not separate fees. This means that if you choose not to eat all your meals in the dining hall, your fees cannot be prorated.

If I choose to live off-campus but have trouble finding a place to live, is it possible to get a dorm room after the housing deadline?

Yes, if you are unable to find off campus housing or if your off-campus housing falls through for whatever reason, you can contact the housing coordinator to ask to live on campus. However, please note that you will be obligated to pay the 10-week on-campus housing rate.