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Third Summer Registration


Third Summer Add period will begin on April 13, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. EST and ends on April 17, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. EST

The Summer 2015 Third Summer Elective Schedule is HERE. Please note that this information is subject to change (updated 4/9/15).

Changes to FOAMS designations are noted below.

Please note: students may only take ONE section of 0533: Senior Integrative Seminar.

When accessing Bannerweb, be sure to use Firefox or Internext Explorer.



Before reading specific registration instructions for your class, please make sure you are familiar with the School policies regarding course and graduation requirements as well as general registration information outlined at  


BannerWeb Registration Dates and Times


Third-summer students will participate in BannerWeb online registration, for electives only, starting Sunday, March 8, 2015, at 12:00 pm Eastern time. Students must have completed the process by 11:00 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. OAS staff will be available by phone and email for the first hour of registration on March 8 to answer questions (but please direct technical questions to ITS, which will also be staffed - (413) 585-4487). Staff are not able to register students by phone.


When preparing for BannerWeb registration, map out your courses in advance. We strongly urge you to prioritize your remaining FOAMS rather than choosing “free” electives that may seem more interesting but don’t meet requirements. (See below for details.)


Students will not be able to register until the dates and times specified above.


Although OAS staff will run routine degree audits at the end of each registration period, students bear responsibility for meeting degree requirements. Note that students with holds on their records due to tuition balances owed, library fees, parking fines or late course evaluations will not be able to register until the holds are released by the appropriate office. Holds can not be removed until regular business hours.


Technical instructions for third-summer BannerWeb registration





It is your responsibility to ensure that, by the end of BannerWeb registration, you will have registered for courses that enable you to meet all graduation requirements. Follow these instructions to check what you may need.

FOAMS Checklist

A course designated a certain FOAMS category one year (e.g., "F") may be changed the following year by the Chair (to, e.g., "F/S"); the course will only fulfill requirements of the old designation (e.g., "F" in the above example). Note: Designations are in progress in Fall 2014 as Chairs hire instructors in their Sequence.

(F) Field of Practice Policy

0338, 0342, *0360, *0361, *0362, *0363, *0366, *0371, *0372, [*0377], *0561, *0562, *5535

(O) Oppressed Populations

*0312, 0316, *0318, 0327, 0341,0351, *0364, *0366, *0375, [*0376], [*0377], 0390, *0397, [0503], *0533 (Dismantling Institutional Racism section), *0560, *0561, *0562, [*0590], [*0591], *0592, 0595, [*5534]

(A) Advanced Social Theory

[0310], *0312, *0314, *0315, [*0318], 0322, [0323], [0325], 0350, *0397, [0536], [0594], *0599, [*5534], *5535, *5536

(M) Multiperson Modality

0306, 0307, [0308], 0309, *0314, *0315, 0317, 0324, 0326, [0328], *5536

(S) Social Welfare Policy Elective

[*0318], *0360, *0361, *0362, *0363, *0364, [0368], *0371, *0372, 0373, 0374, *0375, [*0376], [*0377], *0533 (Dismantling Institutional Racism section), *0560, *0561, *0562, [*0590], [*0591], *0592, *0599

Free Electives

These electives, coded "Free" count toward the degree but not toward the FOAMS: 0311, 0313, 0320, [0329], 0335, 0337, [0338], 0339, 0340, 0343, 0365, 0388, [0392], [0398], [0504], 0506, 0514, [0520], 0533 (most sections), 0534, [0535], [0537], [0540], [0545], 0549, 0581, [0582], 0597

*A course that is cross-listed (e.g., O/S). A cross-listed course may not be used to satisfy two options in your schedule.

Please note: Bracketed courses are not offered this year but may be on your transcript from a previous year. This site will contain the most up-to-date information.

FOAMS designation changes:

Course 0324 - prior to summer 2014, the course was designated as a FREE elective and you must use it as such. Currently the course is designated as an "M".

Course 5536 - prior to summer 2014, the course was designated as an "A" only and you must use it as such. Currently the course is designated as an "A/M".

Course 397 - prior to the upcoming registration (summer 2015), the course was designated as an "O". For summer 2015, the course is designated as an "O/A".

Course 338 - prior to the upcoming registration (summer 2015), the course was designated as a "Free. For summer 2015, the course is designated as an "F".


In the FOAMS categories above where you have not yet satisfied the degree requirement, refer to the electives schedule on the website when it becomes available to find courses so coded; they are listed by term. All other courses in your schedule may be “free” electives. Electives coded “3rd sum” or “Sr” on the schedule are exclusively open to third-summer students but not required; most 3rd summer courses are Free electives. Click on “Supplement to Course Listings” at the bottom of the Course Listings page to view the descriptions of these electives designed for your class alone.

At the end of your four-day registration period you should have seven (7) courses: three in Term 1 and four in Term 2 (or, if you’ve requested a change, four in Term 1 and three in Term 2), with elective requirements met. Extra courses may be added during the Course Add period, Monday, April 13 (starting 12:00 pm Eastern Time) through Friday, April 17 (ending 3:00 pm Eastern time). The maximum number of courses you will have on your schedule is five courses in a term. (Caution: when using BannerWeb during the Course Add period, it is inadvisable to drop a course needed to meet degree requirements, since most other courses that might fulfill your requirement are probably full.) Schedules shall be considered preliminary until classes begin.


For detailed descriptions of courses and the course Supplement, go to the online course listings on the website. New electives must run for three years before they are considered for addition to the permanent online course listings.


Changes can and often do occur after registration. If you are registered for a course that changes term or meeting time, OAS will send a notice of the change to you, attempt to register you again in the changed offering, and follow up if there is a time conflict.


Course Supplement

Updated 1/16/2015