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Curriculum Objectives
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Developing the Thesis Project
Human Subjects Review
Implementing and Completing the Study
Writing the Thesis Report
Manuscript Preparation
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Thesis Guidelines

600 - Implementing and Completing the Study

600.1 - Implementing the Study Plan

Once your thesis proposal and human subjects review materials have been approved, the actual study can begin. A schedule for completing the work must be developed, and a schedule for submission of thesis chapters describing the results of work done must also be developed within the parameters set by the requirements. This meeting may be take place in-person, via webcam, telephone or through other correspondence. Material, new or edited drafts, should be submitted to the thesis advisor 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.

The literature review chapter (or another chapter if recommended by the research advisor) for empirical projects and the phenomenon chapter (or another chapter if recommended by the research advisor) must be completed on or before December 5th.

The agenda for the advisor during this period includes review of work to date, an examination of next steps in implementing the study, and consideration of data gathering, coding and data analysis problems. You should decide whether you will need to make use of the research analyst. Discuss this with your research advisor and review the School's Coding and Data Analysis Handbook, which covers data preparation and analysis in detail. If you plan to make use of the research analyst, you should submit all materials (i.e. codebook and instruments) to Marjorie Postal by February 1st.

By January 23rd, at least two major chapters must be completed. Data collection should be completed on or before April 10th, and data analysis, qualitative or quantitative, is well underway. For those doing theoretical projects, reading and writing continues. Material, either new or edited drafts, should be submitted to the research advisor 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.

600.2 - Organizing the Data and Writing up the Final Chapters

The task for this part of the thesis process is usually devoted to a review of draft chapters and of the results of the data analysis. The database in Excel must be submitted to the SCSSW research analyst by April 10th for quantitative data analysis. Students should bear in mind that turn around time for statistical analysis may be substantial during May and June. For qualitative projects, all interviews should be completed, transcribed and organized for data analysis. For empirical projects, any problems in data analysis can be discussed and points for discussion anticipated. For theoretical projects, discussion focuses on the synthesis or conclusions to be drawn.

Plans for the remainder of the winter advising period should be made. Advisor and student may also wish to review the advising process itself and offer feedback as to how things have gone, especially if this visit will be the final one.

Attention turns to completing the data analysis and to writing, an activity, which often continues throughout the month of May. By early May, a draft of the thesis should have been submitted to the research advisor. The winter advising period ends on May 26th, all required substantive chapters must be approved by the advisor and a draft of the remaining chapter (Discussion) submitted. The advisor must inform the Thesis Coordinator about any student who has not progressed to that point by the end of the advising winter contract in writing by email and/or letter with a recommendation as to whether or not the student may register for summer advising. During this time, the research advisor should discuss the student's plan for dissemination that will need to take place by August 7th.

600.3 - Research Advising During the Summer Session

Students who have met the May deadline may continue with their assigned advisor to completion of the thesis. By the mid-May deadline, students are expected to have completed the bulk of the thesis, operationalized as advisor approved drafts of the introduction, literature review, methodology and findings chapters and formatted references for empirical projects. For theoretical theses, the bulk of the thesis is operationalized as advisor approved drafts of five chapters detailing the phenomenon, the two selected theoretical approaches, and methodology, or relevant empirical and/or methodological approaches and formatted references. In addition to the approved substantive chapters, an initial draft of the remaining chapter must be submitted on or before the mid-May deadline. Advisors of students who have not met the mid-May deadline may recommend that they enter post-residency status. No summer advising will be offered to post-residency students.

600.4 Sample Pages and Forms

(See Thesis Guidelines Appendices on Moodle's Thesis Advising Resource page)


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