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Please consult the online Faculty Code (PDF) through the Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty for more details on ex officio staff committee membership and faculty appointment.

For more information about the Grievance Committees, consult the Staff Handbook on the Human Resources website.

Committee on Mission and Priorities (CMP)

Currently: Rebecca Shaw

Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA)

Currently: Joanne Benkley (2015), Eric Jensen (2016)

Campus Planning Committee

Currently: Kate Wallen

College Council on Community Policy (CCCP)

Currently: Ashavan Doyon (2016), Halley Ofner (2016), Carla Cooke (2015), Beth Bone (2016), Lisa Nawrocki (2016), TBD

Committee on Sustainability (COS)

Currently: Jon Caris, Katie Fitzgerald, (Mike Lane, Franny Krushinsky)

Administrative Staff Grievance Committee (ASGC)

Currently: Not active, filled as needed.

Administrative Support Staff Grievance Committee (ASSGC)

Currently:Not active, filled as needed.