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Staff Questions Answered

Is it possible to have the "free-with-Smith-ID bus routes during the semester continue when the college is closed (e.g. during the summer), so that staff members who are in the opt-out program can still use the bus for free?

Unfortunately, no. The current agreement for no-fare buses on Five College Routes is limited to the academic year and results from a large fee charged by PVTA. There is no independent funding to subsidize the costs of summer buses at this time.
PVTA encourages the purchase of monthly passes when the free buses are not running.

Is there a process for recycling used furniture and equipment?

Yes! Smith College has a policy in place for furniture reuse, which is posted on the Purchasing website homepage and contracts page. Purchasing will post an eDigest announcement shortly to inform employees that are not yet aware of the existing policy.

Whom do I call if maintenance outside a building is needed?

Outdoor plant issues: Jay Girard, landscape manager, jgirard@smith.edu. Grass/infrastructure: Bob Dombkowski. Grounds section supervisor, bdombkow@smith.edu

Is there a Smith staff discount for Enterprise?

YES! The online code is: L480303. If the code does not work, you can call Enterprise directly, tell them you are a Smith College employee, and the discount will be applied.

Where is the discount page for Smith employees?

We are currently in discussions regarding who should maintain the list of discounts available for Smith employees (Human Resources or Staff Council) and hope to have this resolved by the end of the summer. Since the site had not been updated in several years and many businesses listed no longer existed, the decision was made to take down the page.