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Nikki Beck

Production/Publicity Assistant, Theatre

Nikki was born and raised in Homer, Alaska, where she lived until moving to Massachusetts in 2004 to attend Smith College. She has been the Company Manager of New Century Theatre since 2008 and is excited to celebrate NCT's 25th anniversary season in 2015. On the rare occasion that she isn't in one theatre or another, Nikki enjoys cooking, reading, and going on long walks with Lexi the pug.

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Jennifer Blackburn

Administrative Assistant, Poetry and French Studies

Jen has been a full-time employee at Smith since 2012. She is a native of MA's South Shore and a 2005 UMass graduate with a BA in English. After spending four years at the University of Arkansas to earn her MFA in poetry, she and her husband returned to the Valley in the summer of 2011. She is an avid reader, novice knitter, working writer, soccer fan, tennis fan, and a 1-day Jeopardy champ. Her favorite spot on campus (Poetry Center excepted!) is the Stove House in Lyman Conservatory.

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Sandra Blaney

Registrar Spec/Fac Support Sys, School for Social Work

Steering Committee (co-vice chair)

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Sandra spent over six years in the undergraduate Registrar's Office prior to moving over to the School for Social Work in 2014. She is also a flea market frequenter, Pinterest lover (with over 6K followers!), PBS/NPR/Podcast consumer, proud home owner and sometimes actor.

Beth Bone

Staff Accountant, Controller's Office

Steering Committee (treasurer)

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Beth is an accountant in the Controller's Office and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. She was raised in Central California and followed her husband to Western Massachusetts. She enjoys crossword puzzles, eating out, and cheering on her three children at their sporting events. Beth's favorite TV show is The Amazing Race. Her favorite spot on campus is the Greenhouse at the Botanic Garden.

Lou Bouley

Catalog/Metadata Librarian, Libraries

Lou has worked in Neilson Library since April 1982. She stays busy volunteering with the League of Women Voters, serving on committees at her church, and bowling on Thursday evenings. In her really spare time she reads (this includes reading while walking on campus). Lou is a native Northamptonian. She attended Northampton's public schools and then went to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, graduating with a degree in American History. While working at Caldor Department Store she then got her library science degree from the University of Rhode Island.

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Danielle Brown

International Advancement Specialist, Development

Diversity Committee (chair)

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2676

Danielle has worked at Smith since 2011. Outside of Smith, Danielle is always up for an adventure and serves on the board of Valley Free Radio--a local independent radio station. Danielle's favorite spot on campus is Trudy's Garden. The best books she's read this year are "Jim Henson" by Brian Jay Jones and "The Chaperone" by Laura Moriarty.

Sid Dalby

Associate Director, Admission

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2523

Sid has worked at Smith since 1981 and thinks she has one of the best jobs on campus as she works with Ada Comstock Scholars. She has many favorite spots on campus including Daffodil Hill, the pool, Paradise Pond and Helen Hills Hills Chapel. Sid loves to read and write, swim, garden and knit. Sid feels blessed to work at Smith and live in Northampton.

Hannah Durrant

Associate Director for Residence Life, Student Affairs

Hannah has worked in the Office of Residence Life since July 2004 in a variety of roles. Hannah worked in a variety of places before settling down in the Valley at Smith. She absolutely LOVES the student and co-workers she gets to work with at Smith! She lives in Leeds with her partner of 10 years and their 7-year-old and 6-year-old triplets (yes, you read that correctly). Hannah loves to be outside: skiing, sledding, running, playing soccer, swimming, mowing the lawn--you name it! Two of her favorite places on campus are the MacLeish Field Station challenge course and the Change Ringing tower in Mendenhall.

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Tim Enman

Research Analyst, Development

Tim has worked in Advancement since 2013. Previously, he served as a Development Research Analyst at Clark University in his hometown of Worcester, MA. He serves on the board of the New England Development Research Association (NEDRA), where he welcomes new researchers to the profession by serving as a presenter at NEDRA's annual boot camp. Away from work, Tim enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, two dogs, and two cats.

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2041

Saari Greylock

Budget & Faculty Recruitment Specialist, Provost/Dean of the Faculty

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-3007

Saari has worked in the Provost's Office since 2007. She grew up in northern Vermont and lived in London and New York City before moving to the Pioneer Valley. She and her wife now live in Shelburne Falls in their 1850s fixer-upper with two cats and a dog. Saari's favorite thing to do in the evening is settle in with a glass of wine on the porch or by the wood stove to write, but she also loves reading, photography, and bad disaster movies.

Danny Hescock

Administrative Assistance, Libraries

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2902

Danny lives in Bernardston with his wife and two daughters. He found his way to Smith via working at Northfield Mount Hermon. His interests outside of working at Smith include playing guitar and singing in a rock band, giving guitar lessons and the endless mountain of work that comes with being a new home owner. Danny's favorite thing to do on campus is to take a walk through the center of campus every time he needs it, the stretch in front of Neilson Library in particular. His favorite Pink Floyd record is Dark Side of the Moon, hands down.

Eric Jensen

Director of the Center for Design and Fabrication, Clark Science Center

Profile coming soon.

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Carol Kelly

Campus Center/Catering Kitchen Assistant, Dining Services

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2300

Profile coming soon.

Sara Kirk

Administrative Assistant, Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability

Steering Committee (co-vice chair)

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-3352

Sara is a Massachusetts native, recently returned from three years living on the other coast in Seattle, WA. A graduate of Providence College, she spent some years working in the environmental arena in Providence before setting off to explore the west. When not keeping busy in the CEEDS office or at the MacLeish Field Station, Sara enjoys yoga, starting book clubs, sewing, swing dancing, and eating (perhaps making) wonderful food. Sara's current project is sewing a skirt for the spring. Her favorite spot on campus is anywhere sunny to sit and read.

Audrey Letizia

Assistant Director, Student Financial Services

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2530

Audrey relocated from Connecticut to the Northampton area to work in Student Financial Services. She enjoys traveling, knitting, cooking, going to the movies, and riding roller coasters. Her favorite campus event is the Spring Bulb Show.

Naomi Miller

Program Assistant, Engineering

Profile coming soon.

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Steve Monteiro

President's Custodian, Facilities Management

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2419

Steve has been employed at Smith since November of 1993. As a member of Facilities Management, he has worked at the Alumnae House, Seelye Hall, Burton Hall and for the last 12 years, at the President's House. He has thoroughly enjoyed working at each location. Steve lives in Worthington, MA, which is extremely beautiful country. He enjoys raising turkeys for the holiday season, and likes being part of the farming lifestyle that the hilltowns offer.

Lisa Nawrocki

Administrative Assistant, Facilities Management

Steering Committee (secretary)

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2391

Lisa came to Smith College in August 2010. Her career includes property management, banking and insurance. She currently serves as Staff Council secretary and is a member of the Diversity Committee. Her favorite hobbies are traveling, reading, and hosting pool parties at her house. Lisa's favorite spot on campus is the Campus Center Cafe, usually meeting friends for a quick lunch!

Chris Niemiec

Tech Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Profile coming soon.

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-4671

Lisa Roberge

Administrative Assistant, Disability Services

Lisa is a Northampton native, but she took several hiatuses from the area to live in Arizona, California and the Berkshires. She graduated from Mount Holyoke in 2003, majoring in Environmental Studies and Journalism. Lisa currently lives in Leeds with her husband, also a Northampton native, and their 6-year-old son. She loves biking to and from work whenever the weather permits. In her brief bouts of spare time, she writes, knits, takes pictures, reads, gardens, cooks and spends time in nature with her family and friends. She also really enjoys loud music. Her favorite spot on campus is the path along the Mill River, as she has wonderful memories of walking there as a child with her mom.

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Stacey Steinbach

Area Coordinator, Student Affairs

Profile coming soon.

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Rebecca Washut

Program Coordinator, Alumnae Relations

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-6589
Profile coming soon.

Deb Wijnhoven

Director of Employer Relations, Career Development

Profile coming soon.

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-2582

Heather Zottoli

Advancement Data Assistant, Development

Personnel Policy Committee (chair)

email Send E-mail phone Phone: 413-585-3294

Heather is originally from Williamstown, Mass., and attended the University of Vermont. She enjoys spending time with her husband and six-year-old son, including many outdoor activities. Heather's favorite spot on campus is the tree swing by the President's house that overlooks the pond.

Sharyn Zuffelato

Registrar & Systems Specialist, School for Social Work

Profile coming soon.

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