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2014-15 Staff Council Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, all Smith College employees are welcome to attend Staff Council meetings.

MAY 2015

Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 7

2:00 p.m., Wright Hall 002
(Questions? Contact Council chair Joanne Benkley)

Communications Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 19

1:30 p.m., Campus Center 207
(Questions? Contact committee chair Carla Cooke)

Personnel Policy Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 21

11 a.m., Kahn Institute Colloquium Room, Neilson Library
(Questions? Contact committee chair Heather Zottoli)

Diversity Committee Meeting


10:00 a.m., Alumnae House Living Room
(Questions? Contact committee chair Danielle Brown)

Activities Committee Meeting


2 p.m., Facilities Management conference room
(Questions? Contact committee chair Laurie Wyman)

Membership and Recruitment Committee Meeting


2:30 p.m., Clark Hall 207
(Questions? Contact committee chair Anna Gohlke)

Full Council Meeting (crossover)

Wednesday, May 27

noon-1:30 p.m., Seelye 207
Staff Council Members Only
(Questions? Contact Council chair Joanne Benkley)