International Students

The international atmosphere at Smith is not restricted to the classroom. Approximately seven percent of the student body is composed of students from outside the United States. The International Students Organization helps these students share their cultures with the rest of the campus — and with each other. There are other organizations that are region- or culture-specific — among them the Asian Students Association, the Chinese Inter-Regional Student Cultural Organization, the Smith African and Caribbean Students Organization, the South Asian Students Association, and the Vietnamese Students Association.

These organizations sponsor talks by prominent personalities, movies, cultural workshops and shows. Events also include “awareness” weeks that focus on specific cultures and regions as well as conferences that examine global issues. Other programs expose international students to various aspects of the American culture, foster community among international students of Smith and those from other college campuses, and assist them in socializing comfortably.

Involvement and membership in these organizations is open to all students, irrespective of nationality, cultural identity, age or disability. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn and share.