A Multicultural Community

Many colleges talk about the importance of  diversity to a campus community, but Smith College has gone beyond words, opening as many doors as possible to welcome a broad and diverse population of outstanding students.

Bright women from all 50 states and 70 countries, and from almost every racial, ethnic, political, social, economic, religious and cultural background, come to Smith to challenge themselves intellectually. Smith students forge  connections as they contribute their own valued voices, perspectives and life experiences to the richness of the academic and social life of the community.

A part of the daily life at Smith, spirited dialogues take place inside and outside the classroom, where ideas and experiences are exchanged, minds are enriched and genuine learning occurs across cultures.

If you want academic excellence and a lively intellectual environment and cultural community, you’ll find it here. Smith has built a reputation for empowering women like you to succeed in ways you haven’t yet imagined, the unconventional as well as the traditional.