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All Smith's file and web servers support only secure file transfer.

If you currently use one of the programs below, click on the appropriate link to learn how to switch to Secure FTP:

NOTE: If you are already using one of the secure programs below to transfer files to and from a Smith web server, you do not need to make any changes:

  • Fugu for Macintosh
  • SSH Secure File Transfer for Windows
  • Core FTP LE for Windows

Secure File Transfer for Contribute users

Connection Key users: If you normally connect to your Web site using a Connection Key sent by a Contribute administrator, ask that person to send you a new Connection Key that incorporates Secure FTP.

Contribute Administrators: For each web site you administer, first edit your own Contribute connection so it uses Secure FTP (as explained below), then create a new Connection Key for each user who connects to the site using a key. The new keys will incorporate the secure connection.

If you created your own site connection in Contribute, it's easy to edit your connection to always use Secure FTP:

  1. Within Contribute, open the Edit menu and select My Connections.

  2. In the My Connections window, select a connection and click on the Edit button.

  3. In the Edit Connection window, keep clicking Next until you come to the Connection Information page, as shown below.  Click on the drop-down arrow beside the first text field and choose Secure FTP (SFTP).

  4. Keep clicking Next until you reach the last Edit Connection page, then click the Done button.

  5. If you use Contribute to edit multiple Web sites, repeat steps 2-4 for each one.

  6. Click Close to close the My Connections window. Your connections are now set to always use Secure FTP.

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Secure File Transfer for Dreamweaver users

It's easy to change your Dreamweaver site definition so Dreamweaver always uses Secure FTP to connect to your designated remote server:

  1. Within Dreamweaver, open the Site menu and select Manage Sites.

  2. In the Manage Sites window, select a site and click Edit.

  3. In the Site Definition window, click on the Advanced tab and select the Remote Info category on the left.

  4. On the Remote Info page, click on the Use Secure FTP checkbox as shown below, then click the OK button to close the Site Definition window.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all the sites you manage, then click Done to close the Manage Sites window. Your connections are now set to always use Secure FTP.

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Secure File Transfer for Fetch users

Fetch can be set to use either secure or non-secure file transfer.  Be sure to always select SFTP as your connection type when you log in, as shown below:

Another secure FTP option for Macintosh users is Fugu.  Both Fetch and Fugu are available for downloading from the Smith software download site.

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Secure File Transfer options for Windows users

For Windows users, the approved secure file-transfer programs are:

  • Core FTP LE: For instructions, click here.

  • SSH Secure Shell & Secure FTP:

NOTE: If you currently have SSH Secure Shell installed on your computer, you already have SSH Secure FTP.


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