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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s plans for the spring 2022 semester.
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Please note: Due to COVID-19, some day-to-day operations of the Office of Disability Services are being performed remotely. As such, all correspondence, forms and medical/educational documentation must be emailed to in order to ensure timely receipt.

If you are a student who would like to register at the Office of Disability Services, either because you have a disability or because you would like to be a notetaker, there are specific forms you will need to fill out.

 Accommodations & Services Request Form (Google Form)

 SSW Accommodations & Services Request Form (Google Form)

 Five College Off-Campus Accommodation Request Form (Google Form)

 SSW Release of Information/Informed Consent Form (Google Form)


Instructions for Fillable PDFs

  1. Download the specific form you need and save it to your desktop or in a folder on your computer (it may be easier for you to create a folder called "ODSForms" and just add the new forms to your folder every semester).
  2. Using Adobe Acrobat, fill in the fields with the appropriate information. You should be able to simply click into each field and type. Some fields are checkboxes and you simply need to click them. Please fill out all fields.
  3. Save the form with your last name as a PDF file and email it to Lisa Roberge at with the subject "form." It may be helpful for you to save it as something more descriptive for your own files, such as LastName_Semester_Year_FormName so you do not confuse the forms or accidentally send in an old form.