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A Culture of Care >> Read Smith’s plans for the summer and fall 2021 semesters.

Remote Support Resources

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At a time when Smith students can't be together on campus, Smith is committed to providing equitable, inclusive, dynamic services. The goal is to help students connect with the offices, centers and resources that they can rely on for personal and academic support, community engagement, inclusion and self-care, as well as a variety of other forms of assistance.


Smith Social Network

The social network provides helpful access to events from student organizations as well as student life.

25Live Calendar

The college’s scheduling calendar, 25Live, provides a central campus calendar of events, physical and virtual.


Emailed to every student, this calendar resource provides important academic notices as well as information on events.

Campus Life Connections (CLiC)

The CLiC program will continue to be available to our remote students and students new to Smith in the Spring 2021 semester. CLiC will use a small group (cohort) model, a model that has proven to be highly successful at Smith in other areas in the college. This program will establish connections between the new first-year students and staff with expertise in conflict resolution, time management, wellness, inclusion and team-building. CLiC is also designed to enhance faculty/instructors’ support of our remote learners this fall and to complement the work of the liberal arts advisers. The goals of CLiC are to facilitate engagement across the college; build connections within a small group and their CLiC adviser; address isolation and increase student belonging; and have fun!

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations will continue to meet and program throughout the semester offering students a chance to engage remotely. We currently have 110 of our 147 organizations actively meeting and ready to engage new members! Information about club and organization programs can be found in the Smith Social Network and questions about how to get involved can be directed to the Office of Student Engagement at

Lazarus Center for Career Development

The Lazarus Center prepares students for meaningful undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities and helps them develop decision-making skills to use during college, in their careers and throughout life. Our “By Design” approach to career development encompasses highly customized programs that enable students to imagine and create a career that fulfills their passions, fits their life goals and manifests the Smith spirit of doing well to do good in the world. The Lazarus Center has adapted all of its programming and services to be delivered remotely this fall. We offer a comprehensive suite of programs designed to meet the needs of all students, whether you’re exploring what majors you’re thinking about to finding summer internships to how to talk to alumnae to exploring post-graduate opportunities.

Residential Life

Our house communities will engage in our residential curriculum, which includes house meetings, individual connections with a residence life student staff member and making house connections. While we are not able to guarantee that this semester’s house assignment will be the house that students will be assigned to next year, we will make every effort to work with students’ residential preferences.

  • The residential curriculum will include house meetings 2 times a month, individual conversations twice a semester, a weekly newsletter, a Moodle discussion board for connections, and collaboration with other house connection activities.
  • Student leaders, including Heads of New Students (HONS), will be reaching out to new students in the house to plan house activities and “getting to know you” events.

Schacht Center for Health and Wellness

A range of services will be available depending on each student’s proximity to campus. Health and wellness services will be available to all students including support groups and educational outreach on health and wellness.

Follow the Wellness Services Instagram page to stay up to date on offerings. Wellness will have a variety of programs for students via zoom and/or our social media outlets. There will be opportunities to connect with the director of wellness services or the Community Health Organizers for one-on-ones, lesson-style engagement and group activities/informal coffee chats. Topics will include: Wellness Check-ins, navigating sex and relationships in pandemic, navigating connection and making friends remotely, nourishment and eating in pandemic, developing holistic schedules for maximizing remote learning, staying healthy in pandemic and flu season and contraception.

Office of Disability Services

Contact ODS also to find connections, friends, and community through our Disability Peer Mentors, join a community event held in collaboration with the Disability Student Alliance org, and consider becoming part of Empowered Voices, a weekly space for students to explore, talk and write about navigating Smith and the world with a disability. Need support transitioning to college? Attend one of the ASSETS program skill building workshops throughout September.

Student Government Association

SGA Cabinet, Senate and Finance will continue to meet weekly through the spring semester. Open SGA Senate meetings will be registered in the Smith Social Meetings and those interested in joining will be provided a Zoom link to do so. As a reminder, Senate meetings are open to the entire student body. We are currently filling openings through the appointments process. Please reach out to our elections & appointments chair for more information. The spring election timeline is currently being developed. Registration will take place through the Smith Social Network in early April. The first full Senate meeting of the semester will take place on Thursday, February 24, at 7:30 p.m. on Zoom.

Virtual Engagement Community

The Office of Student Engagement offers a variety of programs that students can take advantage of in real time or when their schedules allow. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • Couch Concert Series throughout the spring semester on Facebook Live
  • Smith 2 Do To You and our Flash Craft Series offered twice monthly
  • Virtual Bingo, Trivia, and Speed Friending are great ways to get connected to fellow Smithies!

Find Your Fit is a match program designed to help get to know you and connect you with involvement opportunities based on your interests. Take advantage of this new resource out of the Office of Student Engagement! To participate, complete the Match-up Quiz.

For more virtual engagement opportunities, check out the following programs:

For More Information

Academic Support

  • Academic Accommodations and Services 
    The Office of Disability Services provides support services and arranges academic accommodations for students with a wide range of disabilities. Our learning specialist also works with students one on one and in groups to develop academic, organizational, and personal skills and strategies for success, including exploring helpful types of assistive technology. Sign up for the ASSETS workshops through September, identify your learning strengths and challenges, build self-care skills, develop new learning strategies and find community with other students wanting to “upgrade” their game for college. Contact to learn more!
  • Libraries
  • The Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning
    The Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning offers a variety of services and resources, including individual writing conferences, the opportunity to use student tutors or serve as a student tutor and workshops on time management, study skills, public speaking and other academic issues.
  • Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning
    The Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning offers tutoring, workshops, and class study sessions outside the regular classroom.
  • Time Management

Counseling Services

24-Hour On-Campus Support: 413-585-2840

Medical Services

Appointment Desk: 413-585-2250
After-hours Answering Service: 413-585-1260

Campus Safety

On-campus emergencies: Call Campus Safety at extension 800 or 413-585-2490.
Off-campus emergencies: Dial 911 for law enforcement and emergency services.

Disability Services

Disabled students, including chronic health or mental health should reach out to ODS for support even if you are not sure what you need. No medical information is required to start a conversation and learn about what ODS can offer. Any student with existing academic, housing, or dining-related accommodations or supports will be able to retain their accommodations unless they are no longer relevant or not necessary in the changed living and learning environment. Requests for specific new accommodations and services or to update existing accommodations should be directed to

Care Team

Are you a student who could use a little extra support right now? Would you like to connect with someone at the College who would like to check-in with you to see how things are going, who can answer some questions, or connect you to a support system? A member of the Student Care Team would love to reach out. Sign-up here. Members of our community are invited to nominate students to the Care Team for additional support.


  • Digital Support
    The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Office will send a follow up message to students regarding the recent technology needs assessment survey. For general assistance with technology matters, please visit the Digital Support site, select Request Help (you may be asked to sign in with your Smith login), and then complete your help request.

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Health & Wellness

Counseling Services

Individual Services for Students
The Counseling Services staff provides assessment, therapy, coaching and case management—depending on proximity to campus and emerging legislation governing practitioner licenses and practice.

Group Online Services for Students
Staff members offer affinity-based, campus connection and mental health special-topic groups.

Enhanced Online Programming
Students can access educational and Smith-specific supportive videos on the Counseling Services website.

Psychiatric Services
The staff provides ongoing medication treatment for students in Massachusetts and for students in other states based on clinical appropriateness and regulations governing medical licensure across state lines. We also provide psychiatric evaluations for students in Massachusetts and clinical consultation to students’ local primary care physicians.

For stress from current events: Understanding Responses to the Anxiety From Traumatic Events.

Medical Services

The Schacht Center provides general medical care for on-campus and approved local off-campus students, and will also provide case management beyond the campus, bridging care and helping students connect to services in their current communities.

On-Campus COVID-19 Support
Staff members provide campuswide testing for the on-campus community and approved local off-campus students; case management services for on-campus students who test positive; and care for students who are feeling very ill but do not meet criteria for hospitalization.

Wellness Services

The Wellness Services staff offers five virtual service opportunities that mimic our traditional on-campus resources: one-on-one appointments with the director of wellness services; open hours with members of Community Health Organizer teams; synchronous/asynchronous lessons and casual coffee chats; virtual fun activities, tutorials and small challenges (asynchronous); and passive education on various wholeness and pandemic-related topics posted to social media. Like our on-campus programs, each virtual offering is grounded in inclusion, equity and accessibility. All synchronized Zoom programs and recorded programs will be captioned as possible.

Athletics & Recreation

Get Fit Smith Program

Here are a few of the online programs offered:

  • Fitness classes—CrossFit, Zumba, weight lifting, awesome abs
  • Wellness classes—yoga, mediation, stress management
  • Outdoor programs—navigation, leave no trace, first aid, thermoregulation
  • DiZY—De-Zoom Yourself—stretching, posture exercises and mental breaks from computer use

Varsity Athletic Teams & Club Sport Teams

  • Workouts and virtual competitions
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Inclusion and diversity initiatives
  • Weekly mental-health support and programming
  • Leadership development course
  • Mentorship program with alums

Woman riding a bike


Center for Religious & Spiritual Life

During these uncertain times, students should find ways to get in touch with their inner selves in positive, self-affirming, self-nurturing ways. CRSL will help students create or seek out a place of refuge—outdoors or indoors—to nurture their spirit and engage in self-discovery, learning and contemplative reflection. We can help students reenvision their living spaces as places for healing and coping.

Smith Community Conduct

Your behavior affects you, those around you and the Smith environment. Students have freely associated themselves with Smith College in a relationship based on mutual trust, personal respect and individual integrity, as noted in the Statement of Student Ethics. As a result, living successfully in this community will always depend on balancing the greatest possible freedom for the individual with a sensitivity to and respect for the rights of others. This code is based on the conviction that ethical student conduct is crucial to a supportive and inclusive community that fosters achievement and learning.


Joining the Smith community entails both rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities include:

  1. a willingness to discuss, negotiate and take responsibility for personal conduct 
  2. a dedication to free inquiry and to the exchange of ideas and criticism, while maintaining respect for the opinions and individuality of others
  3. a commitment to the creation of a sustainable college and world
  4. an embrace of academic integrity and honest academic conduct

Please reach out to Student Affairs with any questions or concerns.