Thursday, December 15, 2011

Collecting 101

SCMA launched a new course in January 2011 called “Collecting 101.” Designed to be an introduction to the issues and practical matters of collecting for an institution, “Collecting 101” allowed students to directly participate in researching and purchasing a work on paper for the SCMA collection.

During the inaugural teaching of the course, twelve students (representing all classes) learned about the SCMA’s policies and aspects of collecting in general. They also learned about printmaking, as the works to be considered for purchase were contemporary prints. As a group the class assembled a list of important criteria to consider while deciding on their purchase, which included the work’s educational value from an interdisciplinary perspective, that the work be intellectually stimulating and visual appeal, and that it fit well into the current collection.

On January 13, the class hosted Jamie Miller, Master Printer and Program Director at the Lower East Side Printshop, who introduced eleven possible choices of contemporary prints for purchase. After narrowing the field to four items, students researched and presented purchase proposals, arguing the merits of each print.

Competition was fierce, and all of the proposals were well argued and presented. The final work selected, Dread Scott’s Boom BOOM!is the first work by the artist to enter the SCMA collection.  “Collecting 101” will be offered again in January 2012. 

Jamie Miller and students in “Collecting 101” consider selected works from the Lower East Side Printshop, January 2011.


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